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Please list, combat, non-walking quests.

By hunataloisnopoirod#5906 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - November 14, 2017, 20:35:30
Hello, I'm looking for combat quests, you know, the "go kill x monsters" kind that aren't in Incarnan. I found some in astrub, and everyone talks to me about the 2 ones that go through the dungeons, but most of the quests related to it revolve being thrown around in a walking simulator and... that is just boring.

I like Dofus for the combat, so I like combat quests, like some of the daily Sufokia quests, or the pink meow down there. I did some of the Wabbit walking quests because parallel to it I had 2 that involved killing wabbits. But I can't remember anymore other quests about it, and unfortunately the wiki doesn't have a category for that (I think).

Can anyone tell me what other quests that involve just killing a number of monsters? Doesn't matter what level.

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My two daily fight quest are:
1. Captain Amakna "Protect" quest.
2. Kerub's fight 3 xelor quest.

Alternative. Not too rewarding but can be done by solo players due to low level mobs.
3. Jelly juice quest (1 map up from sufokia zaap) kill gather 10 jelly for 5500 kamas.
4. Kill bandits for 5500 kamas (II can't remember the detail of the quest but it was given by an NPC in Sufokia).

Oh and I also used to do Frigost Hunter Workshop Quest where I would hunt some frigost gobbals for kamas, exp and ice kama. Can't remember if it was a daily quest or weekly quest though.
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The captain amakna one doesn't give you any money though, right? What about Kerub's.

Also, if anyone is wondering the bandit one, he is talking about this
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Ochre ( fight + capture), dopples,key master questline, fight club, frigost farm quests (greenhouse, kill 40x zone mobs), access quests/hack and slash (requires a team cause it's a dungeon). Most zones have quests that involve fighting, although it is not usually soloable.
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This list is gold, thanks y’all, Ive been wondering about a list like this myself.
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