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[GUILD] Sacred- Echo Server

By TheoWar - SUBSCRIBER - December 06, 2017, 06:34:19

Looking for social, friendly active and trustworthy people to join our Order!
we aim to create a community to have people to run dungeons, exp hunts, pvp ,percs, with and have fun. We grow each day bigger and we have a functional ranking system smile
No level requirement for now, but prefered people 18 years+ 
ph34rThe guild is part to a new alliance Arch and we do Koth and events very often smile
/w  our Guild officers : Stormshield, Keravnos, Draymond-Green , Invisible-Smoke 
or leave a comment here with ur character's name
wubOfficer ranks-Second in command ranks positions are open for application

Thank you rolleyes

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I'd like to join, but whenever I tried all of you were offline. When do you usually play?

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Wasnt able to answer at that time had exams and vacation after.I usually play morning-evening server time. We have merged our old Guild : The Watchers with our new one - Sacred, really sorry for the delay , i see now ur in another guild absoluteley fine, thanks for applying though and good luck! happy

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The guild is new but very active and helpful with all players ,new or not /returning. 
We are still looking for a good alliance to be part with.
thank you smile

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i would like to join on Bananatank

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your very welcomed to join us! hope to see you soon in game smile

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Hi guys we are still accepting - Returning players / new players to help them out aswell as old players lvl 100+  ( hitters or leech ) to join on exp 508 idols on hunts and pvp bases ppl for koth/perc hunts.

We still have officer ranks /second in command positions open for application.
Join our Sacred order today ph34r
/w Stormshield, Draymond-Green, Invisible-smoke

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