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Returning player here

By vhyxen - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - February 15, 2018, 01:59:55

Hey everyone
Gotta start this thread with saying I'm a french player but somehow didn't find the equivalent of Incarnam Inn on the french forums. Hope it's ok to post here nonetheless

I played on Domen in... 2007? 2008? And Hecate way before. So long ago now. Came back in 2016, but server was too dead for me to enjoy the game again. Now Domen's gone and my server is Pandore. Sooo many things changed.

Got a few questions:
- Is the PVP agression system still here? Doesn't look like anyone tried to fight me when I'm showing off my wings
- Can we still choose some sort of alignement with Bonta/Brâkmar? I remember we could turn invisible at some point. Still there?
- I may have hallucinated but I swear I saw some kind of eye on a map the other day. None of my friends did. It was white and moving. Feature or hallucination?
- Heard now ecaflip aren't the only one to have some special class spell (felintion, back in the day). I play Eni now. Where can I get the spell and is it useful to have?
- Everyone has some kind of fancy name border. I want one too. What is it?
- Soo many new mounts. DD is over-rated now? Should I invest in one of those weird fishes everyone have? Ahah

That's what coming to my mind at the moment, sorry if it's a lot. I haven't been here in forever.

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Hi there, and first of all, welcome back to the World of Twelve! smile
I'll do my best to answer your questions. 

-The PvP aggression system is definitely still there: you still risk being attacked if you show off your wings. However, as far as I'm aware, the Wings are mostly just there for show, since the shields can now be equipped based on your level. As a consequence, this kind of battle has become less popular over time.

-The alignment system is still present as well. There are now 100 alignment quests which allow you to rise in the ranks of your city. The Orders are also still in the game, and there are indeed Potions that make you change appearance, although I'm not sure if there are still some that are bound to your rank. I don't know if there is one that makes you invisible, either.

-I'm not quite sure what you could have stumbled upon. From your description, it might have been an Alliance Prism or a Portal to one of the Divine Dimensions (both are in part white and like to float around the map). 
P.S. Territories can now be conquered by Alliances between guilds, and no longer by Bonta and Brakmar. The prism system is very similar though.

-Every class used to have a specific spell that could be learned at your class temple. After the last update, however, all of these spells are now learned as you level up.
-You can get more Ornaments and Titles by completing quests and Achievements, or by gaining more Omega Levels (which are additional levels past lv. 200). To manage them, use the keyboard shortcut by pressing N.

--Albeit ugly, Seemyools (that's the English name of those fishes biggrin) are more popular than Dragoturkeys because they can be used in underwater areas and always give you 1 MP. I suggest that you check Dofus Planner for a quick overview of the bonuses they grant.
The other mounts you might have seen are Petsmounts, which work like pets (they have HPs, have to be fed, and are kept in your inventory) but allow you to move as fast as if you were riding a mount.

That should be it. Dofus has indeed changed a lot since then (I wasn't even playing at the time!), so if more questions come to your mind, definitely feel free to ask. smile

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Thank you so much! Found out the white moving eye is the new agression system. It's very nicely done.

I'm so glad we can put shields without having to show our wings now. I like the aesthetic of them

I did noticed we have so much more spells now. If I got that right, their level increase with ours, right? So no more putting points into spells ourselves?

I bought myself a seemyool (the english name of them is quite strange indeed, they're called muldos in french) just because I find them funny. What are underwaters areas? We can't go there without one?

I'm far from level 200, probably won't reach it as I play very casually and with just my best friend. I do want a fancy name too, so I'll look into the achievement system.

Thank you so much for your time to answer, hope you have a lovely day

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the eye you have seen is the new agression update.just dont stand still for 3 seconds if u see it

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Ah yes, that is definitely the explanation! It slipped my mind because it was introduced after I hit level 200, and at that point, you hardly get attacked anymore. My bad smile

And yes, you got it right: with the new spell system, your spells have 3 different levels, which are unlocked by leveling up. Then, some levels later, you unlock an alternative spell (which is already at its maximum level and cannot be improved further). You are allowed to switch between a spell and its variant at any moment outside of fights. 
Spell points do not exist anymore, which means that multi-element characters are now much more affordable to build!

As for underwater areas, there's two of them. One is accessed from Sufokia, and the other from Alma's Cradle (for the latter, look for the symbol of a ship on the map). You don't need any particular item to go underwater, but you will not be allowed to equip Petsmounts and Dragoturkeys down there - only Seemyools and regular pets. 
Both are lv.200 areas anyway, so there's probably not much you can do there, besides unlocking the achievement. I hardly ever go down there myself ^^

@trololo2222, that makes a lot of sense and is actually pretty cool! I think I'll appreciate those critters a bit more now ^^

Indeed, there are a lot more lv.200 players now. Part of that is a consequence of the introduction of Idols. Not sure if you've seen some of them already, they look like little sculptures. They act by giving you a bonus to XP and drop rate in exchange for making the fight more difficult (e.g. giving extra MPs or damage to enemies, healing them in certain circumstances, decreasing your HPs, etc.).

There's a combination of idols called 508 (that's the total Idol Score they give) which allows for much larger XP gains, while still making the fight very doable. Many people nowadays just XP hunt that way and get to lv.200 in no time.
However, I can proudly say that I reached lv.200 without that kind of help. In fact, I did before Idols were introduced biggrin

But anyway, you really shouldn't worry about rushing to lv.200. There's still plenty of content to be enjoyed at lower levels.

The spells you're talking about are (or better, were) the Weapon Skill spells. Nowadays they've been merged into one generic spell that works for all weapons alike. If I remember correctly, the spell can now be obtained at the end of the Blacksmith Dungeon.

Also, as you might have noticed, the use of weapons has been limited to once or twice per turn. In that same update, Ankama removed the chance of a Critical Failure from all attacks. This caused quite a bit of upheaval at the time. 

Lastly, the Minor Survivor is a Trophy. These items are pieces of equipment that take up the slots you'd normally be using for your Dragon Eggs. They give weaker bonuses in comparison but are obviously much more common and affordable. They're definitely good to have around smile
You can buy Trophies and Idols in the same market, which is the same place where you also buy shields. There's one of these markets both in Bonta and Brakmar, and I think there's one in Pandala too. biggrin

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This is so weird to see so many people level 200 now. I remember how much it was an achievement back then, first 200 of the Domen server created quite the event at the Pandala zaap. Hard to believe it's been like already 9 years or so.

I hardly doubt I'll get to that level now, I only play with my best friend and we're quite casual about it, not that it isn't fun, but definitely have less time on our hands at 22 years old than we had at 11 or 10 years old.

I got reminded of something else, though the english name escapes me as it was a thing way before I actually learnt proper english. We used to have spells that would give us a bonus for our weapons. It was quite common to have it back then (in french, it was called maîtrise d'épée ("mastering sword"?), maîtrise de dague, so on), and would give us a % of additional damage with our weapons. I wonder if that is long gone.

I just noticed that we can't fail our spells anymore either. We had a Iop spell years ago who had 1/2 chances to fail, but if it went through, it was absolutely devastating. I wonder what happened to it too.

Something else, found a nice item called trophies? I have one called "minor survivor". Where can I buy more? It sounds useful to have

Thanks for your patience as always

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Last time I played this game, there were spell points. I came back out of curiosity and sentimentality, hoping to get back into it... I am soooooo lost. I'm not sure I can get back into this. Is there some sort of transition guide for old guys?

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Not that I would know (really old returning player too). Slowly getting into this. What I can tell you for now: there are no spell points anymore (as you've already noticed), the spells level with you (you cann see the levels on the characters page in the encyclopedia). Stat points can be reset any time now, as long as you're subscribed (so you can be any element at any time). Characteristic scrolls are "additional" points now, so you can scroll up to 100, even if you already invested points in the element. If you got any more questions, just ask And if you're on Ily, join a guild in the Uni-Alliance, all english speaking players, all really helpfuul and talkative most of the time.

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