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Nothing seems to help?

By DboDoge - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - February 15, 2018, 15:43:43

So I've recently started playing Dofus after playing the Wakfu MMO for a short while, Wakfu seemed to be a tad more easier for me than Dofus. I really really want to get into the game but I literally cannot find a single person willing to help me with anything. I tried reading guides that ended up being extremely outdated and only led me to die multiple consecutive times. I'm not sure if it's just the way Im building my character? Or if it's just the game is naturally difficult.

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Dofus is a very difficult game if compared to Wakfu, but you shouldn't have so much problem in the low level content, it is on higher level dungeons that the game gets hard. Here some tips to help you:

- If are playing solo, try to equip yourself every few levels with sets that match your build (on lv 50 you can use the first trophies);
- Join a low level/not hardcore guild to find other players on your situation;
- On lower levels focus on long range builds, you will not be able to tank a lot;
- Use summons (if you class have them) to block/tank enemies;
- To level faster (if you want to) go to frigost island (lv 50) and look for groups if you are on an multi-account server;
- To make money as solo, start with harvest professions, like farmer, lumberjack, miner, etc., and sell the resources, or try some treasure hunts;

Here are a site with up to date information, it is in french but you can use the Chrome "translate to english" to read the articles You will not find up to date content in english.

If you gonna play with only one char I suggest you to start again in a mono-account server, its a lot easier to find groups or people willing to help.

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I extremely appreciate that! Thanks a lot! biggrin

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If you want we can play together~ I'm a returning player with zero people to play with xD

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I recommend playing on a mono-account server because the servers are relatively new and it is easier to find people willing to help and in a similar situation.

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That's something to be expected, now you can rarely find beginners, the majority are concentrated in some servers like Agride for the French community, furthermore, Players now tend to create a team so that they can be independent.

Leosbaldo has already given you plenty of tips, but I will add other advices:

- Choose a class with a simple gameplay, like Iop, Cra, Eniripsa, Osamodas, after you're used to the game and low level zones you can create some strategic classes with a more complex gameplay.

- Don't rush the level-up, take your time in exploring every zone adequate for your level, do some quests, dungeons and achievements, up some professions for it will help you to gain Kamas to equip yourself.

- Dungeons are meant to be done in a group, so if can't win solo don't give up, you can succeed with a groupe, and maybe even solo.

- After reaching level 60, you can try breeding mounts, it's a great passtime if you're a mono-account player.

This is my first post in the English forum, I hope that you can comprehend what I wrote and that I didn't make a lot of mistakes x)


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My best advice is to seek out a guild. The guild I'm in currently, called Crit, is inviting all players of different levels, new players and old returning ones. If you're interested, you can contact me in game.

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