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Pro's and Con's of "Leeching" to the Top

By GaryLester - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - April 01, 2018, 17:15:24

So, "leeching" has been a big thing in this game in particular. There have been many "Leeching" services available to players to reach the maximum level in the fastest time possible while skipping all the earlier content.
I can see the benefits of reaching max level if you enjoy end game content from the get go, but here is one of the major drawbacks of this. Not understanding your class and how to play it means that you will struggle with that end game content. However, if you're a veteran to the game and are fully funded beforehand, this may not apply to you.
But I've always thought that experienced players should perhaps lead by example to the newer generation of players. I think the achievement system was a step in the right direction, because it gave you an incentive to play the game and complete the lower-mid level content to unlock rewards.

So, i ask all of you, new players and old ones. What do you think of the term "Leeching" and what do you think of the act in general? Are there any positives and negatives that you can think of.

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I will try to show you my own opinion about leeching. First of all i need to say there two different types of leeching. The first one is primary for high level player and get leeched threw dungeons like f3, queen of thieves, nidas or other complicated dungeons (dont need to count them all). Thats kind of needed, because they are pretty difficult to make and some classes are pretty bad in pve (or atleast in dungeon pve) like ouginaks or sacrieur and if they want to do some dungeons they kind of need a leeching service to finish the achievments and quests. And some others are pretty op like cra, rogue, sadi or panda. The only way to make theses classes more usefull is to nerf the pvp or to nerf the dungeon and both would suck. I think its nearly impossible to balance PvP and PvE and to nerf the dungeons would lower the fun and tryhard in the game. This kind of leeching should be possible and is not bad.

The other one is more questionable, its mostlikly about playing with full wis set and skill and doing korri souls or frigi mobs. They do nothing more than skipping, die and wait for hours. Its no fun, but the other way to level need more than 5 times more time (even if its more fun). Thats something they should change (for example lowering the xp for everyone who died or lowering xp with level difference between difference characters) there a lot of possibilities to do that. I dont know why they keep this leeching still possible, but i think it is because they keep supporting multilogging and for building a team its contaproductiv to need month to level new characters to 200. But another point is thats kind of needed to have atleast 2 characters 200 to see the full world of dofus, if you do not hit 200 your limited and what you can do. The most intresting and complicated dungeons are level 200 and before that the most dungeons dont have a real strategy to master them.

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That also potentially opens up another can of worms, and that is account selling. I've experienced quite a few times where I've been spammed with adverts selling level 200 accounts from bots. 

I think your idea about introducing penalties for dying in fights is an interesting one. It would encourage tactical play for survival from the player, but the downside is that the person levelling them, usually encourages them to pass their turns quick.

And I think you've hit the nail on the head about end game content perfectly. The main reason why some end game content cant' be completed may be due to the fact that some classes are not suited for those dungeons, which as you say encourages more leeching at end game content. This unfairly excludes some players either due to the difficulty of those dungeons, or that their class of choice is unsuited to cope with those dungeons.

I think what has been identified here is system failure to encourage and promote fairness for all players. I think, and i hope, that the developers rethink their strategies for end game content, whether that's making dungeons easier, or making classes that lack the skills, more useful.

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I am a veteran player and I started mono 6 months later from opening date, so since I was so late, there was no reason for me to do low level content (because I did it already many times in the earlier years) plus I do not enjoy being a pleb with 0 kamas. So what I did was rush levels as a cra (+ leech in higher lvl areas when I could do so) and get to 160+. At that lvl the real fun starts, kolo is profitable etc...dopples are actually worth killing at that lvl as well, because I hate being inefficient with my time. Now I am lvl 200 with 60+ mk gear, with no help from others, just casually doing kolo, leveling professions and such. All you need to start making kamas is about 500kk, and that is REALLY HARD to get when you're a lvl 50 with nothing. But ofcourse this way you miss 40% of the game content and it is not fun grinding same mobs for hours. I WOULD NOT recommend leeching/rushing lvls to anyone who is playing after a long break, or playing for the first time.

EDIT- also prior to the recent update low level items such as blop set cost more than a lvl 105 set (hurtful locker) so it was crazy inefficient to spend money on a blop set.

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I would also say that a lot of the dungeon achievements are worth a lot of kamas Even running dungeons themselves offer a nice amount.
On what class to choose if you want an easy time on the game, i think we can all agree that there is no better starting class that Cra. Especially the 1v1 Kolo as it currently stand. The Cra has a significant advantage from the get go, but that's for another thread on promoting diversity in PvP game play.
Also, you being a veteran player, you have an advantage which money can't buy, and that is knowledge and experience on how to make it through the game efficiently.

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I think people especially at the lower levels need to be more fairly compensated for the dungeons that they do. When a level 50 does gobball dungeon and gets nothing for experience I think it is distressing. My fondest memories of dofus were from running these dungeons for the experience, and now they are all absolutely useless for that reason. I'm not saying make the experience so good that level 150's are there leveling, but that groups of level 30-50's have a reason to do these dungeons.

When korri is 2000x more efficient to me to do at level 50 there is a serious problem with the level 50 content. 

At level 50 it is difficult to build most characters with 100 wisdom without going full leech. At level 150 I have 300, 400 with my leveling setup. So I get idols, and x3-4 experience and the ability to fight mobs that give more base. A level 50 gets no extra experience and MAYBE an idol or two. Royal gob set doesn't even have wisdom.. My thoughts are increase the amount of experience given to noobs doing noob dungeons, and put more wisdom on more sets for low levels.. Why if I go Chance can I get 100 wisdom with Dala set pretty easily while if I choose Str or Int I have 0.

I really love dofus, but the lower levels have been destroyed, Gobball dungeon was literally my favorite memory from the early years. I must've done it 1000 times. In the crusade against people farming easy content something was lost content that used to be fun isn't profitable in any sense. Gobball dungeon gives like 10% of what it used to, and even now what it used to is nothing compared to other things that people do.


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I see it as the easy way out(the one where you would just pass your turn/die and repeat). Much like buying an account with a lvl 200. If it's not your first char/account then I can see more why you might wanna skip the content if you've already done those. But other than that I don't really like it. 

There are possible ways to solve this by making heavy limitations. For example one cannot enter a dung soul of a dung that they haven't conquered, one cannot enter a soul of an area they have not visited, one cannot enter an area if they don't have the appropriate level. But the question is if you really want it if more people quit the game that doesn't like /want it. Since right now it is possible to cater to both player bases. Those that want to make it hard for themselves can do it by just playing their content etc. and work their way up.and for those that want the easy way then they can leech. As long as both remains as options I'm fine with it even if I don't like it.

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I don't have a problem with leeching at all, just how people go about it. Players with 1000+ alts spending their own time and money to leech more characters, thats perfectly fine in my book. Players with 2000+ alts who want to leech a friend(s), again, A-OK. Players who just expect others to level em because reasons, these are the people I take issue with. I've never leeched just because the whole idea of it seems lame and I don't have 50000+ alts I gotta level up for end game, just the one who's 190+ from just casually playing along with my main who's omega 50+. Nobody leeched me and I didn't expect or want anybody to because I enjoyed playing the game and leveling up the normal way by completing quests and going on XP hunts.

I do a lot of end game stuff on my Sram(main) and I come across those players who obviously leeched, we all know the signs, amateur mistakes, clumsy with their class, or just plain ignorant if its mechanics, I just don't play with em. I think players who leech without ever playing the game or learning the class will find people just don't want to play with em. I don't have any sympathy for em either.

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If it's level leeching, you're actually missing the best part of the game. Many people love to ramble about how fun life was when they were lower level, and they're not wrong. Like that one time you actually struggled to do Bherb, you know what I'm talking about.

As for dungeon leeching, I think it's wrong to get people to play the game for you.
If you struggle with something, you should be working towards overcoming it.
Even if you have to make 3 accounts and craft 20 items just for an achievement. Call it personal growth.

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As a veteran leeching is not a problem, in the current day in gaming endgame and pvp is the big attraction and what makes games have a very long life span which is what dofus is aiming for these past few years.

But leeching is important because in endgame content close combat characters and tanks are not really useful (im a sac main) as a sac main i dont like playing sacs in its current state cause its boring besides that they are only good in 3 v 3 pvp perspective not pvm and in those situations you do not want someone who cannot contribute into combat especially in the newer endgame content it can be a real headache finding people who is willing to deal with the massive disadvantage your class have in pvm.

When it comes to people learning there classes I can understand that but their are many veterans who are willing to teach them and they can also learn on their own, with spell variants most classes cant use their full potential until 200 usually the early stages of being 200 is a good time for someone to learn the basics of there class and do low level content learning the quirks of the class before taking it into pvp or end game pvm content practice make perfect. Leeching is good cause that is how some people make there money because dofus limited ways to make kamas because every time the community find something fun and easy Ankama quickly gets rid of it.

In conclusion leeching should not be nerfed because the main attraction in dofus 2 is endgame and that is where dofus as a game really shine when you get to play with teams and unlock achievements or even pvp and get to show off your skills against other players, but economy wise its really limited and short cut so hopefully ankama adds more way to make kamas in the game and add variety for a healthy economy. Thanks for reading! (:

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It was a great read. Very interesting.

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If the entire point is end game, then why have anything except end game? If they're going to have the lower content there should be more encouragement for new players to utilize it. If everyone wants to skip it and leech to 200, that means Ankama has made a mistake with the design of the lower level content. It clearly isn't worth doing. Their job is to design it so that players feel it is worth doing. 

I feel like a big part of it is just how obnoxious and slow it is to level by yourself at those levels without leeching. And this was mentioned in posts above - it's just far more efficient to level via leeching. Ankama needs to 1) make it much less efficient and 2) make the lower content more efficient. Then maybe people will want to do it again.

Oh, yeah, and idols. Ugh. I think the game was better without them.

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End game is not as fun as it's cracked up to be though. I have friends who would rather redo dungeons they've already done with friends than doing the latest dungeons.

I think the fault lies more with the players than low level content. Many players believe that being lvl200 will inherently make you better, which is not true.

They also hear older players look down on low level content and start thinking lower level content is trivial (it's not, try doing sphincter or minotot with lvl140-160 sets).

If you don't really look at your level all the time and just play like how you normally would, then the slow pace becomes less obnoxious and you'll eventually get lvl200, one quest or dungeon achievement at a time.

Edit: But most importantly, older players need to stop showing off and saying how much better it was in the past. It's unhealthy.

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newish player here.  in my case for example.  i came to the game from a recommendation of a friend, but i work so i cant grind the game and call it fun (i only have 1-2 hours to play).  So, i leeched from time to time.  Then i started playing everything at that high level.  Best game experience ever.  I had all my skills, i could understand the story better because i could rush some of the fights.  I still had to find people to do some of the dungeons that need 2+ players and have been having actual fun training my proffesions because i dont feel like i need to target a level.  And i still had the collecting type quest to keep me busy - but now i didnt have to worry much in the fights.  Plus i have exp bonus now on the other characters in the account, lowering the need to leech with those.

Its all about the player in the end i guess - if you are the type that thinks max level makes you better youll be disappointed - if you use leeching to get a boost and play most of the game without time wasting then go for it.

 I had no issues learning the class after getting leeched.  Downside? i HAD to spend money on kamas to gear up - but as I said, i work so its actually a trade for time. So in the end, If you arent prepared to spend the time - be prepared to spend real money. (a just trade imo)

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