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server and class questions

By Shampiez - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - May 09, 2018, 04:06:25

Returning from a big pause player here.
Is it ok to play Echo server if you dont plan to play on lots of accounts? Or Ilyzaelle will be better for not a hardcore player?
Is Osa viable for PvM atm?
When i was last time playing Dofus Osas weren't welcome because of summons taking time to move.
Are there classes that can be solo leveled into the pure wis stats? Except Osa.

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Osa is really good solo PvM atm, because of all the summons that you can control by yourself now. You won't get far playing echo without your own team, better play on Ily.

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I think you'll have the same struggles on either server, only on Ilyzaelle there will be others with the same problems.

In my experience, you should get yourself into an active guild. Once you have yourself a guild, you can ask if people want to join you for hunts or dungeons, (note that I used the word ask and not beg). If people want to come then great, if not, find out what they're doing, see if they'll let you tag along - if it benefits them, then chances are it'll benefit you either now or in the future.

You don't really need to go full wisdom on a character now, with the introduction of idols, anyone can level at a faster pace if they want to.

Osa is a great choice for a solo player, and the fact that you are also a viable support class is a bonus when looking for groups to join!

Good luck.

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Int Cra in my opinion is the easiest class for returning and new players. The range is so good and the damage is great. 

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