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The "How do I make kamas?" thread

By JohnBroadley1 - SUBSCRIBER - May 10, 2018, 02:36:58

Okay, so I feel like I have to address this issue. I like to think of myself as a friendly player who will go out of his way to help new players. Unfortunately, I have been giving out bad advice, and I'm not the only one. 

A question that I get asked a lot is "How can I make kamas?". My answer would always be "try learning a profession - gathering ones are good for new players". I realise now that my answer was just an easy way out for me, and I had never even looked at the market to see how much money could be made with the advice I was giving... Turns out, not as much as you'd think. 

Below are some examples:-

Ash Wood:  5 (x1); 35 (x10); 900 (x100)*
Chestnut Wood: 3 (x1); 30 (x10); 700 (x100)*
Walnut Wood: 9 (x1); 40 (x10); 990 (x100)*

Iron: 15 (x1); 100 (x10); 1700 (x100)*
Copper: 76 (x1); 400 (x10); 6443 (x100)*
Bronze: 20 (x1); 1499 (x10); 4997 (x100)*

Nettles: 51 (x1); 150 (x10); 4500 (x100)*
Sage: 200 (x1) 350 (x10); 3900 (x100)*
Five-Leaf Clover: 49 (x1); 494 (x10); 3899 (x100)*

I could go on, but the point is, that new players won't be able to work their way up the financial ladder if they are making peanuts from hours of work.

Fortunately, I have now researched into the lower level market a bit more and I feel confident that I can offer some better suggestions. I also want to go a little more in-depth and give some information about why an item is more expensive, or why it is more time efficient to gather or to craft.


Method 1: Crafting Twiggy Swords and Twiggy Daggers

Twiggy Sword: 9000 (x1); 112245 (x10); N/A (x100)*

  • Easy recipe: 3x Chimeric Feather, 3x Ash Wood.
  • Only requires level 7 Smith to craft.
  • High demand, this item is needed to start the Bontarian alignment quests.

  • This method is quite well known, and as such expect your prices to be undercut relatively often.
  • Hunting monsters in Incarnam won't be giving you much combat experience.

Twiggy Daggers: 1500 (x1); 15306 (x10); N/A (x100)*
  • Easy recipe: 3x Incarnam Relic, 3 Spiritabby Tail.
  • Only requires level 7 Smith to craft.
  • High demand, this item is needed to start the Brakmarian alignment quests.

  • This method is quite well known, and as such expect your prices to be undercut relatively often.
  • Hunting monsters in Incarnam won't be giving you much combat experience.


Method 2: Gathering Meats with the Hunter Profession

Intangible Meat***: 119 (x1); 900 (x10); 24000 (x100)*
  • Only requires level 1 hunter and a hunting weapon.
  • Incarnam monsters are easy to defeat, and the fights are generally very quick.

  • Generally a more time consuming profession as a whole (although over time definitely more profitable than most others).
  • Intangible Meat isn't as expensive as the other hunter meats.

***To be honest you're better using your intangible meats to reach level 20 hunter, where you will be earning roughly twice as much per meat.

Rotten Meat: 450 (x1); 3900 (x10); 44989 (x100)*
  • Level 20 hunter is easy to achieve.
  • The monsters that drop Rotten Meat are still easy to defeat.
  • Players training their hunter will often pay top dollar so that they don't have to hunt low level monsters themselves.

  • Fights can take longer outside of Incarnam.
  • Can take time to sell if no one is currently levelling their hunter this way.

From here you can decide whether you want to level your hunter further and sell Contaminated Meat (if there is too much competition at level 20) or carry on crafting Rotten Meat.


Method 3: Crafting Magic Dark Dye

Magic Dark Dye: 4498 (x1); 44999 (x10); 450000 (x100)*
  • Easy recipe - 10x Arachnee Leg, 10x Moskito Wings.
  • If you are following the previous step, both Moskito and Arachnee will also drop Rotten Meat, meaning even more money!
  • Monsters are easy to defeat.
  • Nearly half a million kamas for 100 of these bad boys.

  • I'm not really sure how often these sell, although they are used in 4 different recipes.
  • You could just sell the Arachnee legs and moskito wings for roughly the same price (however there will be more competition when selling the raw materials).


Method 4: Crafting Recall Potions

Recall Potion: 489 (x1); 3300 (x10); 31989 (x100)*
  • Easy recipe - 4x Sage, 1x Drinking Water.
  • Making recall potions en masse really doesn't take too long.
  • Requires little attention and effort.

  • A lot of competition, for both raw materials and on the marketplace.
  • Can be a very boring method of making kamas.
  • Overall not as profitable as some of the other methods.


Method 5: Crafting Rings of Satisfaction

Ring of Satisfaction: 4400 (x1); 45000 (x10); 450000 (x100)
  • Easy recipe - 3x Chimeric Feather, 3x Nettles.
  • Only requires level 8 Jeweller in order to craft.
  • Killing Incarnam monsters is generally very quick and easy.

  • I'm not sure how well these things sell nowadays, although for the prices shown here and the effort it would take to create a lot of these rings I think it's worth finding out.
  • Farming Incarnam monsters won't grant you a lot of combat experience.


*All prices correct on the Echo server as of 10/05/2018
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Apart from achievements and quests, these are some very viable methods for new players. But like you mentioned, whatever you choose to do in this game, there will always be someone else competing against you. Patience is the key.

Another easy method for new players is actually standing by a well and selling water. I believe 100 drinking waters is around 8kk. New players could just stand near a well while they watch TV.

Same method for Sage at lvl 20 Alchemist, which goes for about 5kk for 100 in the markets currently.

The best way by far is just playing the game, making friends by joining guilds and alliances, going on hunt and learning the game as you go.

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Why does ring of satisfaction sell well? it seems to have terrible stats

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I said on the guide I'm not sure how well they sell, but their price is still very high.

May be due to low supply, as a direct result of low demand, but for how easy they are to make, it might be worth making a few and seeing if people are still using them.

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People used to use them to generate AP runes, but not so much anymore. I don't know if anyone buys them nowadays

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Easiest way: make sacrier go dominate pvp sell kolotoken scrolls/pebbels.

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Your sacrier then gets 50 levels higher enemies. Rip gear investment and kolossokens.

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