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I need a tl;dr

By Oolink - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - August 19, 2018, 23:12:53

Hello! I'm thinking about checking out Dofus after a break of about three years, mostly because mono-account servers are a thing now. I looked up devblogs and so on.. and there are way too many! Could someone, please, give me a tl;dr of a couple of things?
1) Major changes to watch out for (class, profession, guild system,... reworks and so on)
2) New important game mechanics - no need to go into too much detail
3) Short run-down of each class, mostly how they compare to each other in terms of balance - keep in mind I'm going to be playing solo and only one character, so synergy isn't as important to me

About me: Lvl 200 Agi Elio and Str/Int Iop on Rushu, managed to duo all Frigost 2 content, I like PvM a lot more than PvP but always do both, never had problems making kamas.

Thanks a bunch!

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1) All classes have changed, no way I can fit it all into a tl;dr. Professions are now level 1-200, and every profession can be trained right away. Guilds and alliances are pretty much the same as they have been.

2) Nothing major I guess? a couple new dungeon mechanics, but you'll find them when you get there.


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This tier list is bs xD

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Is it that hard to skim through the updates section? Anyway, heres a few things I really liked off the top of my head.

Dimensions: New areas that introduce a brand new dungeon mechanics where there aren't rooms you progress though anymore but one single room where you fight waves of enemies all while fighting a boss. One of my personal favorite additions to the game by far.

Crimson, Emerald, & Ivory dofus all have their own individual quest lines to acquire them.

Idols: Another update I'm a huge fan of because it takes the emphasis off of stacking wisdom and grinding levels the traditional(boring) way and increases the rewards but adds a lot of new challenges and mechanics to fights making them more interesting and helpful in some cases, again, huge fan.

Tactical mode looks awesome, check it out.

Every class has had its number of spells doubled and skill points are a thing of the past.

Huppermages and Ouginaks are new classes; they seem fun.

Lastly, there have been a lot of graphical overhauls. Tons of new areas and dungeons. Mobs. Equips. & various class revamps and balancing.


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Pet cemetery has for lack of a better word... /died/...


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CatOcatastrofe|2019-02-12 07:28:53
Pet cemetery has for lack of a better word... /died/...


and pets seem to have different stats to before. It's all a lot to take in  :/
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I think this kind of question is relevant for any returning players, with some individual differences of course. Maybe we need a sticky thread with tl;dr descriptions of all updates or something like that?


-Gravestorm-|2019-02-27 21:58:13

Excellent! Thanks! wub
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