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Complete and utter noob, seeking Friends + Guild [ECHO]

By KeijiSicaria - SUBSCRIBER - November 09, 2018, 15:39:55

Hey'o, I joined 3 days ago and just been fiddling with classes to find my playstyle, decided Osa is, I love watching my summons do my bidding e.e , took out a group of 5 or 6, combined level of 104 .. and that felt intensely gratifying. 

Just wanted to say Hello, and that I'd love to meet some friendly people to help me on my journey, dungeons, where to level, etc..

I'm active, friendly and british. 
I've asked about joining a guild in game, but they seem to only recruit 150+ and I'm.. just about to  hit level 30.

My in game name is Oppai-Megami   c:

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Hi there, welcome to Dofus biggrin

Most of us here are also playing on the Echo server, I'll be sure to message you if I see you online tongue

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If you ever find your way over to solo server send me a message, I feel like it's more common for low levels to group for content here. You'll need to start fresh but i can help craft your first set and such.

Jeffers, Guild: Free Ringtones, Alliance: Unity,   Server: Ilyzaelle

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This. Solo server is much more fun in my opinion smile

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A bit late to the party but feel free to add me on Rin-Ya :> Rosemary always welcomes people of any lvl btw and we've had a few lower lvls joining recently.

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I can't say that my guild would accept ya since your still a "noob" all due respect biggrin but i love helping new people! i run a 4 team with ecaflip, eni, eliotrope, panda ... i've played all the classes and im maxed lvl 200 with all omegas. I'd love to help ya and show where to go.. what to do... add me in game on the echo server (best server for english speaking players)... join any other server if you want to be asking what others are saying all day as they babble in french xD .. echo server is highly active and better then the rest because i've played the other servers trust me... one of my names in game is Charmed-Dice so add me up. 

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Welcome to Dofus,smile.
Have a  good time playing,smile.
Best regards and best wishes to you,smile.
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