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What Happened? What have I missed? Anyone mind giving me an update?

By megladom - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - February 01, 2019, 03:41:01

I played on an off every now and then. But I might be back.

I first started playing back in summer of 08 when they had the some-what realistic albeit still toony designs. I remember the Snoowolf in the Incarnam dungeon actually looking like a dog sniffing the ground.
Scarabugs actually looked like beetles. Back when critical failures were still a thing (God, I don't miss them)
I stopped playing after level 20. 

I returned, a patch before Bonta/Brakmar came in and people were always fighting over the fast travel prisms (Are they still a thing anymore?)
Got to level 50 and stopped playing because I got wound up by that boar killing quest in Bonta, spent a solid hour trying to find it, no luck.
Are guild centaur guys still a thing? I remember attacking one at 50 and have my rear handed to me by a full team of lv200 guys.

Later returned and pandas were then a thing... I got stuck on a Bonta quest which had be solo-killing Brakmar archer guards... Couldn't do it and swore off Bonta quests.
I got Chafferfu spell, does it still attack you and your allies?
Stopped playing around 100 after the guild I was in died. 

They then introduced a new class? I think? Pirates or ninjas, it was something like that. 
I then returned and saw the new art style, didn't like it at first as it was a very cartoony departure from the old. But now it's just overboard. 
I tried Frigut? Whatever the ice place is called, didn't get far.
They made professions no longer matter as a choice as anyone could be everything, completely ruined my mining business as the caves no longer had the good stuff to sell.

I then stopped playing at 123 as I had no friends left in the game and everything that could actually progress my character was gated behind team stuff.

I've now come back again and I see we've had new classes, spell changes, new servers (RIP shiv), new (worse) art style, new attack animations, new dungeons, new islands. What happened to spell points? When did they allow you to reset your stats for free? When did they remove auto-aggro from certain mobs (regardless of level)? Why do you get a Dofus for completed the starting area? Are non-soul pets the same? Ect.

I also noticed that I have a lot of KK and high level gear in my bank, nice thing to come back to. 
So, yeah. Can anyone give me a recap on anything important I misses, or where most non-max people play now?

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☮️,Too many changes have happened,i suggest you play the game,consult the Dofus Wikia,talk to the players in game,check the Dofus forums,Imps Village forums,Dofus Fashionista for your set,smile,☮️.

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Just a few answers, to some of your questions (as Bloomfree says, way too many changes happened; reading changelogs might be a good start point to get tuned with some of those changes, though until you play and see for yourself, some things might not be so clear, especially after a longish break):

  • - guild centaurs are still a thing, yes, but now not only the guild but the whole alliance might send 5 x lev 200+ players to save the poor innocent preceptor's butt from extinction (yes, they are levs above 200 now, but that's mostly for cosmetic advantages, no new spells or gear available for 200+ );
  • - guilds can join alliances, and they fight often in AvA system , for prisms, for territories; sometime it might be pretty puzzling, trying to see who's on who's side, when more than just players from only 2 alliances come to a koth (when a prism is vulnerable, people gather there, AvA up, and fight, to try to win that territory);
  • - chaferfu still attacks allies; arachnee doesn't; and Osas can control their summons now, who thought this would ever happen back in the day;
  • - they are many new classes, some easier, some harder to play;
  • - some servers have merged, and by the looks of things you ended up on Echo - English speaking (some other smaller communities are also present here);
  • - as for spell points, no longer needed, you get spells auto leveled as your character progresses; and you also have alternative spells, 2 variants for each spell, from which you can choose;
  • - you can still get agroed by mobs, if you are in an area where the lev of mobs surpasses the lev of your character; mobs would first "eye" you if you're too close to them, and even if you aren't, if you afk in those areas, they would gradually come closer to your character and agro him/ her;
  • - pets system has been completely revamped, I suggest, again, you look for changelogs;
  • - define "a lot of kk"? for example, some dofuses are from a few millions to a few tens of millions; and exo gear is rather expensive still;
  • - non-max people have different styles of playing: while some would try to do game content adequate to their level and learn their class and enjoy each phase of the game, some would just use their "a lot of KK" to leech on kori souls mostly and xp fast to 200, but each one plays the way it makes him/ her happy on this game, so both options are to considerate - I have met both kinds of players, and at the end of the day, what it matetrs, is the person behind the character, behind the screen, and not the way s/he plays, but rather the way s/he speaks/ behaves;
  • - they are plenty of guilds recruiting, so you could easily find a new home for your character, just keep your eyes open.

If you decide to come back, I wish you welcome & all the best @ your new adventures!
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If you're looking for a server with many people that aren't already level 200, the mono-account server "ilyzaelle" is probably your best bet (Echo doesn't have much of a low-level population).

Just note that most of the players there are French. There's a nice English community there, you'll just have to use /c chat to find them until you join an English guild.

I play on both servers, so feel free to add or message me tongue Nub-cakez

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In our guild on Henual (1.29) we're about 100 individuals playing. All active and only a few at max level. We help out and we have the coolest community on 1.29. I say so because we have people ditching their max level characters on other servers to be with us.

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Ah... I feel the same way... Safe to slide into this with the same notion ? Yeeeah I am also back, and CANNOT FIND MY ARTWORK tab in the in-game menu, like the little piece of art; making it easier to multi-log with, heh....

Thanks, big save if it's still findable...

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