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Looking for a connection! ^^

By MrB420 - SUBSCRIBER - February 04, 2019, 21:00:56

I've been playing for a few weeks now again since 5 years and started to enjoy dofus again!

Now i'm lvl 110 I'm getting trouble with leveling and gathering items for example for gear since I'm almost always playing solo on an almost fully French server. I'm dutch and only speak a little French but very good English. I like interaction with others and doing dungs/questing/exp'ing/gathering drops, but almost never have someone to do that with me.

Now if there is anyone that is able to communicate in English (and having the same problem or just looking for someone to play with) hit me up on the Ilyzaelle server as my character is named "Marb".

Thanks for reading, have a good day!



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Hello Marb! I've been playing for a bit more than a week and managed to get to Lvl 76 on my Huppermage this far.
I didn't start alone, and me and my friends managed to find a quite good guild, Silk Road.
A big problem Dofus has is that people often skip the "levelling process" by paying people to leech them or similar, which made me want to get out of echo, and start in a mono-account server, Ilyzaelle, and I feel like the healthy thing for the players and the game itself is to promote playing the game and stop avoiding skipping to the end-game. It's great to hear that you're into player interaction, as it is my favourite part of the game, and I think Guilds achieve a great goal of uniting players, so maybe you could consider adding me on your friend's list or even join our Guild.

My ign is: Laaws,
I'll add you in the game once the server maintenance is over. Thanks for your attention, and see you in the world of twelve.

P.S Everyone is welcome to add me in the game, as I'm always looking for new friends to achieve those sweet achievement points! :3


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I'm interested too, add me: Elivan (lvl 11X sram) 

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