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By bigchunguss - SUBSCRIBER - March 12, 2019, 17:45:46

Hey everyone,

I've been looking around the forums and have founds things along this same degree but fairly outdated. I use to play a while ago and have a lvl 109 Feca on Echo, but decided to make another character (on the same server). Currently playing a lvl 57 Cra, and do indeed need some aid in leveling. I'd just like to know, with everyone's aid, where exactly the best place to xp and to level up (either with friends or alone) depending on the character's level. Hopefully you guys can help! Thank you!

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If you're trying to level up alone, I'd suggest quests and treasure hunts, maybe even kolo if you like PvP. Grinding mobs for exp gets boring pretty quick for me, personally tongue

If you have someone with you, you could go for achievements (especially the dungeon achievements). They give great exp, and you can sell the resources.

There's also leeching (power-leveling), but the only places people usually leech for free is either frigost or the abyss; you'll usually have to pay kamas if you want to get leveled off souls at the arena.

A lot of people don't like to get leeched, and that's fine tongue just saying it's an option

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There is this recent post on reddit about this topic:

Hope it's OK to link it.

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