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New Player On Echo Looking For Guild

By MOOSEINMYHOOSE - SUBSCRIBER - April 17, 2019, 20:47:50

Hi all,

I am completely new to DOFUS as I have only started playing the game about a month ago. Currently I am playing a Cra and am at lvl 69 on Echo. I have been having a blast playing the game so far and I've been wondering what guilds are out there to join. Like I said I'm very new to this game so my knowledge of anything is just about zero but it's slowly building. I spend most of my time doing dailies, farming mats, and crafting what I can to level some professions. I'm not looking to be overly committed to the game but I do think I'll play fairly often. I was just wondering what advice you all had about the situation and wanted to see if anyone out there could recommend a guild that was friendly to beginners. My character's name is Bowsandbros. Thanks biggrin 

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My suggestion would be to just point that you're looking for a guild in the community channel (/c)

Echo doesn't have much of a low-level population, so I'm not sure if you'll find one that has many players near your level.

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as a returning player i restarted in echo ( about 16 days ago got to level 64 ) and found it okay but no where near as good as Ilyzaelle the Single account server ( started there 4 days ago and already close to my level in Echo  )  , there you will find lots of guilds recruiting and also not to mention hundreds and hundreds of actual people ( not multi account-ers ) you will also find that in Ilyzaelle that you won't have to pay people to get help with dungeons and stuff. So just restart on Ilyzaelle, cause after all a level is only a level and with help you can get to lvl 69 ( or whatever you are now ) in no time smile

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Dude whaaaaat?! I feel like I am making some noob mistakes when it comes to efficiency in leveling. How were you able to achieve getting to level 69 in such a short time. Like I said it's taken me about a month. I'm just focusing on questing about Astrub and Amakna while doing dopples and some random achievements. 

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Hey there buddy, I played dofus already for a long time and I decided today to move to Ilyzaelle. If u need a buddy to level up you can hit me up! smile I also can bring u alot of knowledge to the game. If u send me a mail I will respond to u smile ( Hover over my profile and hit contact to mail me )

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