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This question is only for the best mages in the dofus. how did he get that sink?

By Tomeczek-pl - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - July 11, 2019, 14:58:23

Hi guys

I'm wondering how he get this:

Is there any person that can explain me how he did get around 100 sink ? is there any bug or they changed sink value with over ap that gives 100 instead of 50(half if over) right now?

Please is there any person smart enugh to explain me that?

Thanks for your time

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it is likely that he put an ap or mp exo on that item and then dropped it to get that sink value. it's expensive but that's endgame maging for ya. just because it's an exo or 'over' (as you say) doesn't mean that the sink value gets halved. The only time sink values get halved is when you're dealing with -stats. 
Think of nekochief and it's initial -1mp value; let's say you have a nekochief that has an exo maged mp, so it has 0 mp. If you would continue maging and the mp would drop down to -1 again, you would get half of the sink value.

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