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Inheritor. the Largest English Guild in Clustus is Recruiting!

By KFC-Hiersnipe#2248 - SUBSCRIBER - November 14, 2019, 23:05:10
Guild Leader- Hierr
Second in Command- Nomez, White-wingz, Soufty

I am leaving this post to let people know that there is a English community playing Dofus Retro on the server Clustus. Everyone is welcome to join the guild, and the only requirement is that you speak English. Our main guild base is made up of former 2.0 Dofus players that enjoy the grinding and leveling of Dofus Retro. We have all kinds of players ranging from solo players or dual accounts all the way to people playing 8 man teams.Our member's play throughout all servers and are all communicating via the Guild Discord. If you are interested in joining feel free to message me in game or leave a post below!

We have big plans for the Guild in the future, and are constantly growing every day! We hope that the servers merge so that we can play with all servers and grow even bigger as one of the best English Guilds in Retro!
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I heard the guild leader offers free xp leech to all new recruits! 
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