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What do you think of an experience chart?

By bijjjo#9399 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - December 22, 2019, 21:26:30
So I was literally just thinking about an experience chart, I don't know if there is one or not but if there is please answer this thread.
I was thinking about a chart like this:

Levels   to  Levels   |   Experience
    1        to      2      ->  0-100 xp
    2        to      3      ->  100-300 xp

I would dream one like this.
Thank you

PS: The experience in the top "100/200/300" is a simple exemple, so it's problably not correct.
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If I understand correctly, you can find such an experience chart on the Dofus Wikia.
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Well I searched a lot before doing this thread and even in dofus wikia I couldnt find anything.
Could you please link it?
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See Level at Dofus Wiki
There are also all Omega-Levels listed
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Thank you so much. 
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