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Making Dofuses tradeable

By Chiggy#7856 - SUBSCRIBER - January 25, 2020, 01:03:55

so I have a problem, I still have a very old Dofus from pre rework that is account bound. Now I want it on another account but I dont know how or where I can do that. According to my very fragile memories there was an npc at the castle zaap in Amakna that would do that for you but it seems thats not the case anymore

Please help


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Hey Chiggy,

What Dofus is it? Also, if you hover it with your mouse, you can see if it has an expiration time.

Best of luck.

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They deactivated the NPC at the end of 2019 for unkown reasons, patchnote says it's been reactivated later but plenty of other players complain it's still not there.

a french forum post talking about it :

patchnote :
[Korri] - GAME DESIGNER - 13th December 2018 - 08:50:16
Le PNJ Défousse est désactivé[Korri] - GAME DESIGNER - 14th December 2018 - 08:50:16Le PNJ Défousse est réactivé
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