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New server Jahash

By IamMano#1778 - SUBSCRIBER - March 26, 2020, 16:54:33
Hi there everyone,
Just made an panda on new server and started playing, even finished few quests in incarnam.
Until I didn't stuck at Incarnam Inn, it became a lil bit laggy, it was like an highway there. Everybody running there laugh.
So the problem is, Ive lost my connection and I tried to log in again, and when I try to join Jahash it says that I dont have character there... And I made one, and played for an half an hour, finished few quests and stuff.
Can someone help? Will my character be back?
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Well, I will wait a lil bit more and see. If not, I am done with this game. The thing is, I only had 1 character or Illyzaelle, but never played too much there, and they said that it wil be 5 characters available for this 2 single account servers, and when I enter lobby, to choose server, it says only 1/1 character slot used. Where are the other 4?

I have characters on Echo, but I really wanted to start fresh and on mono server.
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You have 1/1 because you only have 1 character.. Make a second one and see what it shows ? It will show 2/2.. and so on.
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