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Any active english guilds? (Jahash)

By brody-t-morgan#2290 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - June 02, 2020, 08:49:34
Haven't played dofus 2 in a while and decided to get back into it on one of the mono servers (since I'm not really a fan of running alts and I hope a mono account server would promote the community working together more often) so I chose Jahash since it was the most recent, was wondering if there was any active english guilds around?

I've only been playing for a little bit so I'm just focusing on professions/achievements atm that I can (it's insane how strong the mobs are for new players, who woulda guessed that even a piwi could be so dangerous? LOL) but I plan on being pretty active when I get the chance

Feel free to message me ingame at any point be it about a guild or if you just wanna chat, more than happy to meet new people^^

IGN: Dubious
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Hey. I'm newbie in dofus. If you're still searching some pals, write to me: nickname - Fouxey.
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