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*Echo Event* ~ for Level 100s and under !!Free Stuff!!

By Workinlifeaway#1406 - SUBSCRIBER - July 26, 2020, 19:01:17
Hello Echo Noobies! :3

As the title states, I want to do a little event for the low levels in our community (again Echo server).

Starting at 18:00 Dofus time this Saturday (the 1st of August) Colm (Dofus in game name) will be announcing an area in the world of twelve, and everyone participating will search the area for me! Whom ever reaches the cell next to my avatar (Character, toon, sprite, what ever you want to call em!) and exchanges me first wins a free Cawwot Dofus! 
Second place will be rewarded with 250,000 Kamas, and third place will be given a cool little cosmetic set *hint*-- it matches with black and white colors-- (Cape, Hate, and Shield).

~You Must be level 100 or less to claim a prize! 
~You Must be subscribed in order to reach the area I choose (will be announced in game over /c and /r channels around 18:00 Dofus time)

I hope this turns out to be a fun event for new players to enjoy Echos small community, and also Welcome! happy

!! Important !!
If everyone interested would please! please! please! comment on this post so I know if anyone is actually interested in the event -- I'd be so grateful!  Even if you are not subscribed, please comment that you want to play but are free to play. If enough free to play players want to be involved I will change the event to a free to play area! 

That's all for now! Love you guys, and hope to see everyone this coming Saturday on Echo!  Weeeeeeew!!
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This event sounds like fun! It's a shame I'm too high a level! Thanks for holding this Colm smile
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Yeah same, but love the idea!
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I guess our noobie community is pretty small! I’m still going to try, but the next event will have to be for higher levels I guess lol.
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There is already a lot of high level players on Echo with massive bank, so I disagree that the next event should be for it. I would recommend it later on if you still have the persistence to be an event organizer. Higher levels tend to want super expensive items to make it their worthwhile for the most part. They only hold real interest if that happens or if many people rally in and participate, then that could change things. The lower levels deserve the necessary attention, advice, and involvement so they can continue to progress and know that they also have a voice within the community. They are ignored often and that can discourage them quickly from continuing the game. The game itself is already becoming increasingly difficult as each month passes by making objectives very confusing. The community is not exactly helpful as it could be in that aspect, so keep throwing more events for them. Keep on brainstorming more ideas and bring them to life. May have to come up with different prize pools too. 
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