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Hello again and goodbye. Dofus is for scammers/bots/hackers.

By Ed-Win#8867 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - September 16, 2020, 02:11:32
I've been hacked twice now. The first time ankama support was only able to help me secure the account but did not help me retrieve my items/kamas.

I almost quit. But friend convinced me to stay by giving me his account. I transfered over one lvl 200 char with only resources and linked to chars items to a new account using the transfer char to acc for 25$. I thought i would be safe from my friend scamming me because I put in my own info and even used the authenticator to log in but it turns out he managed to convinced ankama support that he got hacked and that i stole his kamas and items when I was just getting back on my feet barely a month and a half in with 70mk+ worth in items and kamas. Made some amazing friends and leveled another character to 200 only to be banned and told that the items and kamas on the account were stolen when in fact I worked hard for them on my own and with a little help from my friends I made by playing and guildies.

Ankama told me in the ticket I violated their TOS and basically there's no rebuttle. So basically I lost real life money on multiple transaction on this account along with ingame items/currency. I will not be coming back to a game where a company is so lazy to help they rather take the easy street and help the scammer as its more convenient. Im quitting for good.

Thanks for all the fun times dofus you're an amazing game since I was 15-16 years old. I'm 31 now and was hoping to play this amazing relaxing game but these current events have made me depressed and frustrated. I would be okay if the account got banned since in a way I was violated the TOS but since the account was giving to me as charity I didn't think this would be an issue. I'm not okay with them giving him items/kamas that has nothing to do with him. Those were my items/kamas I busted my ass for in a month and a half.

And to you the scammer. Congrats... I'm sure you're happy and feel lile a genius that you convinced ankama to give you items even on an account that you don't even know the log in name or username or even the chars and even the items on the characters to.. well played.

Regards, Ed-Wins, Ed-lover, Ed-wars for anyone who knew me. 
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If you don't use other people's accounts then you wont be a accused of hacking.

It can feel really bad losing your progress in something. Hopefully the journey of playing through the game gave you happy memories to look back on. If this is goodbye, I wish you find another source of relaxing and enjoyment. All the best friend. <3
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I almost quit. But friend convinced me to stay by giving me his account. I transfered over one lvl 200 char with only resources and linked to chars items to a new account using the transfer char to acc for 25$.

Oof. This is what did it.

At the end of the day, even if you go in and change the details and move your own character onto it, Ankama still recognizes the account as the property of the original owner. The original owner can contact Support, provide proof of identity, and move to reclaim the account at any time.

Ankama doesn't know that the friend gave you access to the account, all they see is some guy changing all of the personal information on this other person's account, and even moving their own character onto it to fully claim ownership. To them, it appears no different to any other hacking situation.

I remember your name from the old days. The very very old days! This is the exact kind of trickery that was happening back then also, when it seemed like literally everyone on Rushu was sharing their accounts with everyone else. That all was a recipe for disaster, and a LOT of people got burned over the years. I personally still think this is a fun game, and I encourage you to try it out again (but on your own account). Consider restarting on Ilyzaelle, the mono server. Lots of nice English speakers over there, and it's a good place to make a new start.
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I'm really sorry this happened to you. 
Always sucks to see a veteran quit after so long :<

Throughout the years I've been close enough to consider account sharing with quite a few people, but I have never given out my information for this exact reason. Even your closest friends can at some point decide to take your stuff, and I've worked too hard to let that happen. 
Being a trusting person is an honorable trait, but unfortunately most people aren't that way, and are somehow okay with stepping on others to get ahead.

I wish you the best of luck!
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Dofus is not for scammers/bots/hackers.

Dofus is for people who can read and understand the ToS.
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Unfortunately, this is one of the bad side to player interaction, there is that small chance that you might experience bad interaction with "wolf in sheep clothing"... 

But don't quit because of those players. If you like the game, then stay, just learn from your experience and be careful next time. You can bounce back faster with all the knowledge that you have learned. I remember my first time playing, it took me years to get my first level 200, but when I made my next character, I managed to level it to 200 in about 6 months only. It will not be as hard to get back what you have lost.
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