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Any Achievement hunting En Guilds on Ilyzaelle

By drakeplay#1936 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - November 25, 2020, 03:54:02
Hey there all fellow dofus seekers. 

I used to play on rosal back in the day with a bunch of friends, long story short I know my way around game, therefore I have two characters on echo which both are 200Lv and omega something which I have no clue about biggrin whatever echo seems mostly EN but it feels like everyone is playing alone with 4+ different accounts. (even Kolos were meh because of that in past)

I just created a new character on Ilyzaelle but it seems here is %99 FR which I have no problem with it but all the trade and recruitment tabs are FR, CommunityEN only inhabits 2-3 players. I'm asking that is there any other international server other than Echo or is there an active kinda achievement hunter guilds on Ilyzaelle. I feel like I really missed this old gem, might even try the Echo if there is'nt any alternative...

Thanks in advance for your time & replies gl & hf
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Ruby is a well known English guild on Ilyzaelle. I have a character in that guild. The guild is very friendly and I'm sure you can find people who wants to hunt achievements
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