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The journeys of Koh-Damah

By Ankkodamaspirit#4099 - SUBSCRIBER - March 24, 2021, 02:52:11
Hello world of twelve! (mostly those whom call Echo their home). My name is Koh-Damah and I've decided to share my journal of experiences through the adventure that is Dofus! My day 1 fight after a helpful tutorial
I used to play Dofus way back in the day -- maybe 10 or so years ago. After consuming the largest pill imaginable of nostalgia, I decided to have a look at some news stuff (mostly You-Tube) on how the game has progressed with time. To my pleasant surprise, it would seem as though Dofus has aged better than a fine bottle of port <3 With about a week or so of trying to shake off the 'itch' to really get into it, I finally decided to give it another go. Wanting to avoid the 'Captain America' effect of jumping into an unknown future too quickly, I spent about another week reading up on game changes -- and again, more You-tube. After playing through almost all of Incarnam on the first day (about 2 hours), I decided to begin with some profession leveling before logging out. The nostalgia tick finally felt satisfied. Now, I'm excited to play this game as the completely new story that it has become! 

The next day I finished up my adventure set and took on the Incarnam dungeon -- and it's achievements! 

Day 2, Slaughter! Weeeeew!

 So satisfied with the content thus far, I've decided to get some p2p and really start my journey! My two hours of playing today mostly consisted of gathering zaaps and some EXP from the Bonta and Brak cities -- well aside from all the re-burying of the dead of course ^^. 

Koh-Damah (of Echo) was inspired by the spirits in Japanese folklore that inhabit trees -- Kodama. The choice of Sadida was a long thought-out one. I figured that Cra's, Sadidas, and maybe Sac's would be easy classes to start off the game with. My love of nature in general (and old hatred of Cra's lol ^^) made this a simple decision in the end. I will admit though, Rogues look dope as HELL! 
Anyways, I really hope to see you guys in game some time, and am looking forward to sharing my adventures/progress with you all! Much love
               ~Koh-Damah of Echo
PS: feel free to PM me any time that I am on with all of your unsolicited advice! (not sarcasm, I am sure there is so much I do not know about the game yet)

Day 3 was a short day, but still plenty productive! After single handedly devastating all of Astrubs surrounding areas of its crops, I began my first lengthy quest of collecting all the Alamanax pages! I hope to re visit this post in exactly 365 days haha!

Day 4! Instant family.

Moments after logging into the world of twelve I was invited to my very first guild! Koh-Damah is now part of the family known as 'Ancestral'. Looking forward to life as a guildy!
As for todays session, I had about 3 hours or so to play, and mostly grinded some profession once again. Miner 1-20 was such a struggle! However, with much elbow grease, my crafting and harvesting professions are now all at around 20! Which will be helpful for making some better equips for my next journey through the town of Astrub.

Day 5 -- All work and no play makes Koh-Damah a strong boy!
After much work leveling my crafting and maging professions, I was finally able to get a set that is probably good enough to tackle Astrub. I will be dreaming of those missions all day tomorrow until I finally get to join back up with the world of twelve once again! The new mysteries of Astrub await!!

Day 6 -- A city in distress

First off I want to say thank you sooooo much to the stranger that gifted me these sick cosmetics for free! Way more bad ass than my adventure gear I'd say haha!

Today was unbelievably eventful! Astrub is a much bigger city than it was back in my days of playing, and with magnitudes more depth. Mad props to Ankama games for the cleverly integrated stories between the NPC's, and the beautifully crafted ambiance of the re-worked city as a whole -- also diggin' the slowed nostalgic music track wink. My adventures today took me through the troubled town of Astrub, where I helped folks from all walks of life. From curing plagues, to saving lumberjacks from a ruthless shaman, and even stopping rogue bandits from murdering kids in the woods. It was a lot of work, but what a fun adventure! I'm hoping to finish my Astrub quest line tomorrow if time allows -- See ya'll next time!

Day 7 -- First Dofus!

As my very first week comes to a climactic end, I have finished bringing order and balance in the otherwise hectic city of Astrub. The young dragon Ratathrosk reiterated my believe that everyone's problems matter, even the little guys  -- I'm talkin' to you Soki, you romantic bow meow you.
Anyways, I'm imagining that I have much prep work to do before my next adventure (Wabbit Island?), so more professions are probably in my near future. 
--Important to anyone that is enjoying reading these--
~ To keep these individual posts from becoming far too long, I will be keeping them as week long entries -- with each new week starting a new post. Keep an eye out for more adventures of Koh-Damah the tree spirit! 
~Level 50
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Yo this story made my day. Wholesome af, keep them stories comin 
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I totally agree!! Please keep the posts coming!
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Thanks guys! I hope everyone gets to join in on my fulfillment of Dofus -- however long that may last. happy 
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Great storytelling and imagery provided. It's not a bad idea for you to start up a youtube channel and cover your Dofus journey on it. I see you as the kind of player who does roleplay in an MMO which can be a different way to play the game.
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Oh, i love this so much, thank you for your story <3
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