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The journeys of Koh-Damah -- Week Two

By Ankkodamaspirit#4099 - SUBSCRIBER - March 30, 2021, 03:11:48
As a new week arrives in my adventures through Dofus, so does a new post! If you are interested in my humble beginnings, check out part 1 in the post below! So, without further ado . . .

Day 8 -- The grindstone
My adventure today was solely progression through professions. My adventure set (as powerful as it was) would no longer be enough for the challenges that lie ahead. I plan on more updates to the set in the near future, but will need to put more elbow grease into my harvesting professions first. I continue to be impressed with the methodology that Ankamas Games has used to integrate all the professions to work together as a whole.

Harvest some grains and flowers to be brewed by the alchemist into potions, that are then bound together with substrates made of lumber, and then crafted into equipment when combined with mob drops -- of which see more profit when mixed with hunted meats. Additionally, incorporating wood and ores/alloys will allow for the forge of many weapons, shields, trophies, and even idols. Much of (but not all) these equipment's are than crushed violently into expensive runes that can either be sold for a fast profit, or used to level the maguses -- which will yield more profit from normally cheap equipment.
Gone are the day's of picking 3 professions to tirelessly grind the same craft thousands of times, solely for the EXP. Ingenuity at it's finest! 

Day 9 -- Mass production

While much of the days labors where spent harvesting various cereals, flowers, ores, and trees, I still managed to partake in plenty of bloodshed too. Field and Sandy dungeon presented no challenge to the great Koh-Damah, and thus the ill-favored Famished Sunflower and the absurd Sponge Mob where both brought to their knees countless times today. A much needed boost to not only my EXP, but also my hunter and handyman professions. The Royal Gobball however was a different story. While Koh-Damah was able to smash that over grown gobball more than a handful of times on his own, the achievement 'blitzkrieg' proves to be out of reach . . . for now. My plan is to grind professions a tad more (to 60), craft a pure chance set, and try once again. 

Day 10 -- Taking the world of twelve by storm
Success!! After grinding a bit of 'busy work' quests (alignment, island access, and such) and a few gobball dungeon runs, I managed to get to level 60 today. Not only that, I also crafted and maged everything for the occasion. That ol' Royal gobball didn't know what hit em -- Haha! Along my journeys today I picked up a level 5 mount and set its EXP to 90% -- and I hope to get it to 100 asap! With my professions in a better place, and Koh-Damah well equipped, I set out to smash a plethora of dungeon bosses today. In addition to punishing the Golden Scarabugly, Batofu, Ronin Chafer, Kickroach, and Boostache -- I also managed to snag all their respective achievements (other than the Idol ones). My bank is finally starting to look respectable wink 

Day 11 -- WWwaaAAAaaA!!
After chasing down a few more LV:1-50 dungeon achievements, my mount is now at level 95! So close~ Anyways, fallowing through the main questline, my destiny bring me to the colorful land of Cawwot (Wabbit?) island. The islands inhabitants are a mix of sad and needy foux people and deranged wabbits -- the latter of which will be brutally slaughtered over the next few days by yours truly happy. I can already smell that new (fake) Dofus!

Day 12 --  Cinos
After some questing on the island of wabbits (and of course much slaughter) I've succeeded in leveling my first mount to 100! Good work Cinos! I remember back in the old days, trying to do anything on wabbit island was an almost impossibility due to the aggressive (agro) nature of all the wabbits that lived there. Nowadays the island is just a quirky jaunt around a simple "maze" with plenty of exp for a level 60 ish character and their respective professions. Once again Ankama games continues to impress me with improved content that still satisfies the lust for good ol' nostalgia. 

Day 13 --  A whimsical deception 
After a tough battle with the Wa Wabbit, the lousy sore sport tells me that I only won because he was holding back and that I should give him another chance, so that he may fight me at his full strength. I agreed, but not because of good sportsmanship, or even pride for that matter, but because this was my opportunity to dress up as the Wa Wabbit himself, sneak into the Dofus room buried deep beneath the wabbits warren, and steal the Cawwot Dofus! With a little help from some new friends, I managed to spank that Wa Wobot right where it hurts! Thereafter deceiving the 'Dofus Keepew' with my own tailored costume, and making a quick escape!

Day 14 -- 100% Wabbits
As another week comes to a end, so to does my adventure through Wabbit island. As I play one last game with my old lenald friend, I am distracted by a powerful thought -- what's next? While I know that it is time to hit the ol' grind stone once more for my professions, I daydream about the journeys to come. Knowing that, chronologically, Moon island harbors my next challenge, I believe there are many other places that I can begin traveling though as well. The Ohwhymii Sarakech port and Dunes of Bones,  Otomai island, alignment quests, more dungeon achievements, and so much more! What ever path I take next, I'll see ya there! 

Level 69
21 -5
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