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The journeys of Koh-Damah -- Week Three

By Ankkodamaspirit#4099 - SUBSCRIBER - April 09, 2021, 12:47:58
Day 15 -- Pirates of the Asse Sea

Other than the plethora of professions worked on today, I also departed on the access quests to Otomai island. After organizing a few supplies for the long journey I sailed onto the vast Asse sea towards the West on Captain Haddock's ship. Almost immediately after departing from the safety of the Amaknean continent's coastline, a mysterious ship began to advance on us from our starboard. Pirates!! Captain Haddock'n was unusually comfortable considering the circumstances, and I quickly learned why. Those pirates where bigger pushovers than the laziest gobballs of Tainela. After a hearty beat down, the pirates left with their tails between their legs. Thereafter, the Captain pulled into castaway island for a short resupply before finally making to our destination -- the island of Otomai! I quickly saved the zaap, and put a pin in that adventure for a later date~ 

Day 16 -- Factory of mass production.


 Despite those magus professions (60-80) being one heck of a grind, the end product seems to be 1000% worth it. I've been trying to be sure that I keep all my maguses just above my crafting professions -- as to always have basically free equipment to work on. Not only did I get all of that sweet profession EXP, but now I've also got around 9.5 Mil up for sale -- Koh-Damah has some big future dreams now! 

Days 17 & 18 -- Oath to the dark city and the quest for Vlad begins!


 After completing an excessive amount of Oto Mustam's grunt work, Koh-Damah managed to climb the dark city of Brakmars ranks, and now fallows in the order of the Unsound Mind ~ disciple of Hecate. 

  As for the ultimate quest of reunifying the six primordial Dofus, Koh-Damah managed his way through the evil forest to discover that the illegitimate guardian of the emerald dofus is non other than Dark Vlad himself. After proving his strength against Vlad's army of the dead, the divine protection of the 12 protected Koh-Damah from Vlad's eternal flames just long enough to spark the fires of determination in his soul! I will get that Dofus! 

Day 19 -- Keeping at it

 With all the back breaking work for the city of Brakmar and the endless dungeon achievement hunting, Koh-Damah is ready for some R&R! What better place to chill than the luxury beaches of Moon Island -- although the trip wasn't exactly the ideal . . . After a relatively 'smooth' landing Koh-Damah enjoyed a bit of sight seeing before meeting with the islands oldest visitor Gropinson Cruaule. An absurdly zen character that tells of a Dofus-like Coconut with promising power. Realizing this magical artifact could aid on the quest for the primordial Dofus, Koh-Damah embarks on his next little adventure! 

Day 20 -- Cannibals pirates and slimes oh my!

 Koh-Damah ran quite a few quests today in search of the fabled Dokoko. After a quick skirmish at the Kanniball village, the mighty LeChouque proved to be a little to much for a one on one. Luckily, a spry Feca came to my aid and together we sunk that ol' captain quite handily. (Dang close fight actually, the feca delivered the final blow with 13 vitality left!) I'm hopeful that tomorrow I will take on Moon's Tree and collect my well earned reward! 

Day 21 -- Punch the Moon!

 With the help of yet another new adventurer, Koh-Damah was finally able to take down the Moon Tree dungeon! Not only that, but Moon himself was so pleased with the fight and Koh-Damah's offering that he bestowed upon him the Dokoko! Moon island itself was a wonderful little side quest that had just the right mix of tediousness and challenge to keep me interested throughout the whole adventure. Such a perfect way to end week 3 of my journey. 
-- As this week has brought me into mid-game level, I do not think it appropriate to continue my journal in the Incarnam Inn page, as I no longer feel like a new comer that requires much assistance. That being said, if you are interested in fallowing my adventures through Dofus, you will now find me posting in the Fan Art and Videos -- -- Till next time fellow adventurers!
Koh-Damah -- Level 93
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These are amazing.  I think you must be the most enthusiastic person playing this game right now.  Too many people are jaded and cynical after all these years.
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Thank you ^^
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Loving this, just read all of your weekly updates, and it honestly brings me joy to see someone enjoy the game this much! Keep it up, looking forward to your next post.
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Thanks! Don't forget that I've moved them over to the Fan Art page now -- 
Week 4 is completed! 
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Love, love, LOVE!
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