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New player's thoughts and feedback

By teamgyarados#8984 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - March 07, 2022, 14:24:59
Hello, new player here who just wanted to provide some feedback. I do know that many of my criticisms can't be easily fixed. Note that I played on ily server with a Osamodas.

Pros: Biggest pro is the fact that a subscription is only 4-6 dollars. (Unless you are multi accounting) In a world of inflation, this is a welcome surprise. This also makes just trying out the game super appealing since its so cheap.

A variety of classes. Seriously, if you like diversity in character creation, this game has it in spades.

Awesome lore. This game has better lore than most modern day games in my opinion.

Quest reward exp scales with you level. This is super awesome.

Cons: This game feels like 70% running, 10% farming professions 15% fighting, 5% looking up a wiki to figure out what to do. Holy cow there is so much running. And mounts are apparently super expensive, don't come early, and have to be fed to maintain energy.

I joined ily server because I was told it was the best for solo accounts but seriously I don't think this game is designed for solo players. Enemies around your level can be super difficult if you are fighting by yourself and as for dungeons, if you want to solo, require you to be over leveled so the items you drop are useless to you. (So you sell them in the marketplace and yet still barely afford gear your level). 

To continue, there are so many things in the game that require other peoples help or flat out impossible unless you have tons of time or extremely lucky. Bounties are impossible because apparently they respawn so slowly.

I don't expect to 100% the game solo but when I spent several hours in wabbit island running around trying to navigate and complete the questline only to get face-into-wall slammed when the game then goes "Yeah go find 2 other players to proceed", (The quest journey to the centre of the wabbit), I just quit the game.
If you are wondering, yes I joined a alliance, yes I asked for help in alliance chat. I got none but I'm not blaming them because I'm not entitled to it. Sure maybe if I waited long enough, TWO people might have helped after enough asking in community and alliance chat but that kind of game design is not for me.

So yeah, if you are a new player and are the following I would HIGHLY recommend this game.
1. Don't mind playing old games
2. Have a lot of patience
3. Don't mind playing multiple accounts, or have real friends to play this game with.

This game is not for me though. Thanks for the unique gameplay experience though.

PS Sorry for grammatical mistakes.
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It's sad to see you leave, but I understand your frustrations. Dofus is surprisingly unwelcoming to new players, especially with such a tight reliance on multiplayer gameplay - whether the player likes it or not. Although Dofus is an MMORPG, I disagree that there should be such a helpless dependence on other players to pursue your own goals.

Quests are only somewhat interesting for the lore. Running around like a headless chicken, killing X number of monsters or, worse still, defending -500 IQ NPCs against waves of ruthless monsters, is the farthest thing from fun I've ever experienced within the game. Exceptions exist, of course, but this is largely what most quests sum up to.

What baffles me the most, though, is when the quest doesn't give you a clear way to proceed.

"Talk to someone who knows [how to do X/who knows what happened to X]."

Excuse me? Should I explore each map of the game and talk to each NPC the game has created since it started in the early 2000s? At most, we'll have a little clue in the quest tab saying something vague about who this person/thing might be, but other than that, players are forced to load up external websites and search for the answer there, thus defeating the entire suspense and concept of the quest itself.

I'd recommend popping by again when Dofus heads to Unity, but that won't solve most of your gripes unfortunately.
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I'd recommend to try Echo, it´s not as hard as Illy is, and multiple acc player can be helpfull a lot for people who decide just to play one account, in my community/guild we help each other out a lot (and save a lot of running by showing the right directions bcs wikia is not accurate anymore after all the changes)
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Yep, defo, try Echo!

Don't judge a book by its cover, aka, multiaccounting servers by their "reputation" among convinced solo players.
You'd be amazed how handy can come to run into a multiaccounting player who is bored and has some free time ... you might get a hand, for free, to get a gooddddddd start in game.

Give it a try?
Before you tell us bye?
You got nothing to loose, but a bit of free time,
Remember : multiaccounting friends can make it worth while!
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mendezstyle#6490|2022-03-10 09:59:50

What baffles me the most, though, is when the quest doesn't give you a clear way to proceed.

"Talk to someone who knows [how to do X/who knows what happened to X]."

Excuse me? Should I explore each map of the game and talk to each NPC the game has created since it started in the early 2000s? 

As much as I love questing and it being by far my favorite activity on Dofus, even I have to agree with this. If sometimes I'm able to figure out who exactly I'm supposed to talk to, most times I have no idea where to go or what to do. I want to start a questline and keep progressing on it, not stop to do something else and then one fine day, randomly stumble upon the NPC I'm supposed to talk to. By then I won't even remember the beginning of the story or what I did before.
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Hey! If you  decide to try out echo, there is a really helpful community in Sinister Minds, can normally get help with whatever your  trying to between the guild and the alliance smile 
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Game based in economy and professions, pay to win, multiaccount and lots of bots, in resume, a good game to pay for...
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I am an old school dofus player who has returned back fairly recently so I have some feedback to add.

1: Joining an active guild is almost a must. Try to find one that is a big guild with friendly players that lets in even low level players. You can find some guild mates that are willing to help you run dungons and/or level up.

2: To me Echo is a must. Multi accounting CAN get a little expensive but you can sub for a week at a time on your second account to help your main account get through some difficult stuff. On my old account I mainly leveled with the help of my guild but now since I solo a lot, I have my high level alt account help my main get through achievements. I only sub my second account sometimes.

3: I do agree some of the quest writing could be a bit more clear on things. There are also some difficult mechanics like Dragon Turkey breeding in which you NEED a wiki. However I have played a few games that had a similar concept. Some people enjoy the mystery.

4: Yes the game can get quite a bit repetitive. A lot of players are high level so it can be hard to find a group that doesn't want you to play them for something. Making kama's can be hard until you level up. Again, joining a guild will probably be very useful.

Anyways I am sad to see you go! If dofus doesn't work out for you OP I do suggest you check out Wakfu. It is free to play (a subscription just gives you XP boosts) and it has a different concept then Dofus and it does come with a party finder. It also lets you use your alternate characters on the same account in your own party so it is MUCH MORE SOLO FRIENDLY. However, in my opinion, it is much simpler and not as interesting as Dofus so it isn't my cup of tea  but I have played quite a bit of it before.
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It's really impressive that you've listed many of the problems in the game as someone who has only played until level 62.

Frankly, I would advice most new players to quit if they're not able to tolerate the beginning quests because believe me, it only gets worse from there. 

I had some hopes but after seeing the Pandala rework, I doubt things will ever *really* change. The quest designers are set on destroying people's experience one way or another.
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I am trying out Dofus on the mono server.

Kinda loved the early progression. I could get to level 100 quite quickly just by dungeon quest-ing. But that's the thing though, higher level dungeons are getting much more difficult. There will come to a point where you just can no longer solo those quest dungeons of your level with a sidekick. Perhaps still possible if very very well-geared....... (but newbies don't immediately know what and how to gear)

Another thing is, there's a lot of things/features that require new players to find out on google and/or ask from the community, because the game itself does not explain anything.... I find this rather a turnoff. 
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It's an MMO, you shouldn't expected to stomp content around your level. Go ask for people to join. You didn't get help right away so you quit? lmao.
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Like others, I'd suggest joining a guild. They're doing an alliance rework soon so it'll mainly be dependent on which guild you choose to stay with for now. It might take a while to find a home, but once you find one, it makes the game way more bearable to play. Cheers!
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Just an update. As you can see, I came back to Dofus. Thanks to everyone who recommended a multi-account server but I don't like multi-boxing. Consider it a pet peeve of mine.

Just wanted to express my feelings after playing the game more.

1st, I dunno what happened but I feel like the player base is much greater now. Before when I quit because I could not find 2 extra people in wabbit island? Now I managed to go through the checkpoint three times and literally every time there were 2 or more people there.

2nd Joining a active guild was amazing. They helped me out a lot and I even helped them out by standing on tiles. I cannot emphasize how important it is to join a active guild.

I take back the comment that Dofus is cheap monetarily wise. I leveled more and I have come to realize how valuable kamas are and how difficult they are to get as a new player.

Also, unlike other games where premium currency is much more valuable than regular currency, I feel like ogrine to kama ratio sucks. As I'm approaching level 200 I learned that a good gear set requires 50 million kamas. I have converted 40,000 ogrines to kamas and farmed ALOT and I know I will be nowhere close to 50 million kamas.

Just to put things into perspective: I have 90+ fishing, 60+ alchemist, 50+ farmer and sold pretty much everything except for food/energy. I farmed 11,000 roses with the highest jackpot being 350 roses. I did hit a Cania fragment though.

At this point I might have to spend another 50,000 ogrines when I hit 200....

As a tidbit; here are some notable comments that I have read on community EN/guild chat. Note that I do not mean to criticize anybody, (love you guildies), EXCEPT THE FIRST COMMENT.

Willing to stand on a tile for 400k kamas for 20 seconds plus an additional 20k kamas for each map I have to move.   

Damn I only made a million kamas today. This is so slow.

I will help you with dreams in like 2 weeks. Getting leeched first week and will leech others to get gear during 2nd week.

Another major con is the lag. This game looks like it can be run on a potato. Guess what, it runs like a potato. A common Osa issue I read was the fact battles take a long time. I think the issue would be less problematic if clicking end turn doesn't take 2.5 seconds for the game to respond. I heard Dofus Unity is coming; it can't come fast enough.

I'm still enjoying this game and I will keep playing it.
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