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Been Hiding Under A Rock...

By discarder#6514 - SUBSCRIBER - April 06, 2022, 10:05:19
I crawled out of the depths of Amakna when Primerib poofed back around. So I have been hiding in Reborn for the last few days, and been semi actively playing for the last week. 

I don't know many people, and only people who have been extremely long term players may recognize my name, and even then; may not remember who I am or was.

I don't know how long I am going to be subbed for, I have some small goals, but these have been goals for over a decade. I know that I heavily contributed to the early game in terms of breeding and profession information; along with a few others. Sadly my memory is shot and I can't remember their forum or ingame names to give them the proper credit that they rightfully deserve.

I also know that I was a bit notorious in some ways, like having found my spouse here on Dofus or being a very vocal and combative proponant for Eniripsas. I have had to move away from Enis, and it hurts; but it made no sense to my wife and I to both be Enis while playing together. Nevermind that that's how we met.

I transitioned to a Pandawa, but it wasn't scratching that itch. It is extremely hard to describe what this itch is, but the Pandawa just wasn't it. Between my beloved wife and I, we shrunk our 8 man team down to 4, and I traded in the Pandawa for a Sadida. It's not the perfect scratch, but it is bring back a great amount of fun.

Currently, I am running around being the professionalist again, just releveling professions that I had leveled on other accounts to my absolute main. With my favorite alt account just running across the breadth of the World of Twelve looking for Superior Chests.

I miss the days of banter and roleplay, and some of the intercommunity I remember. Am I too far removed from the community to see it? Am I in the wrong time zone? God forbid, am I in the wrong guild? The silence is just killing me. 

I am looking forward to making some new aquaintances, and serving the community with my endeavor to get all the professions completed in one place so that I can be the one stop shop I used to be.
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I am really late in seeing this but welcome back! I don't think we knew each other in game but I do remember you being quite active on these forums. It's definitely good to see old players returning smile
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No idea who you are, but I have a feeling you're Polish. Amirite? You were probably in Storm Troopers, EHJ, SE and other big guilds, but never really active in the biggest of them all. You should've chosen Henual!
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i think i knew someone similar and from EHJ with the description but thats a while back
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To show just how much I actually pay attention to the Forums, I am late yet again to repsond.

@BluSkies Thank you. 
@Professional Nope. I am American. I was In Storm Troopers, Critical Failure, Sunrise, and Brakmarian Rose. Sadly, I applied and was never accepted into EHJ.
@Immortalityforme Stranger things can happen
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