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How does a "Golden Needle" look like? (Treasure Hunt)

By Mantikor#3840 - SUBSCRIBER - May 04, 2022, 13:59:51
Can anyone please show me a picture how a "Golden Needle" is supposed to look like?
Whenever I get it as a hint, I'm not able to find it.
The only times I found it so far, was with try & error. And even with knowing that there should be a Golden Needle on a map, I still can't find it.

I have a feeling that this hint isn't what I think it is (just a regular golden needle like the golden ring- or golden key-hint).

PS: One of the maps I found that is supposed to have a Golden Needle, is [-9, 15]
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Top left of the map. This clue is rather flagrant because it combines 2 issues that I've noticed with these new clues. For one, being really tiny... and also blending in with the scenery. It makes them really hard to differentiate.
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Thanks a lot.
I've probably been looking 20 Minutes at the map and didn't see it XD

But I tend to find thing like this easier, once I know how they look like. So hopefully, this clue won't give me so much trouble in the future ^^

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1 north of the astrub inn is a "golden needle" that is actually black. 
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