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I'm getting back into the game after a 10 year hiatus and I need some advice.

By ksh3#1454 - SUBSCRIBER - September 27, 2022, 04:33:18
 Hi all.
I played dofus in Japan ankma 10 years ago and recently came back, would you recommend retro if I were to do it now?

I started on enutrof so that I could solo and clear pp lock, thinking that party dungeons would be impossible since there would be so few low levels. (v2.6.x)
Disappointed to find out that living chests don't drop anymore.angel
Is it possible to retro and would it be fun to solo enutrof to collect materials?

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Hi, welcome back to Dofus!

And yeah, I am disappointed too of my Enu's chest lack now ... For this, she is always last to get a gear update in my lil team, LOL.

I would try all, maybe? To see what I like best?
  • Personally, I love to multi account, so I play and prefer Echo, a 2.x multiaccount English server.
  • While in Illy/ etc, is also 2.x Dofus, but monoaccount.
  • And, ofc, there is also Dofus Retro.
  • But let's not forget Temporis servers: as name suggests, from time to time, they are short time (few months) servers with different rules of the game.
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Ah, also, if you had an account, even 10 years ago, try maybe to write to Support, and see if you can get it back? 
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Bohemia san

I didn't know about the temporis server so that was helpful.
I was almost going to choose the youngest server and create a character on itsad
I tried both 2.6.x and 1.3.x, but decided to start over with 1.3.x for now.

I think my old Nutrof account has already been lost because I didn't go through the process of transferring my Japan ankama. (Also I don't even have my old email address now)
Thanks kindly.
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I would still write to Support, if I were you; if you used your irl name etc on the old account, it might be still possible for Support to retrieve your account, maybe; they'll probs ask you for proof of ID etc, it is not a 1 hour process, but who knows, maybe you get your old account back.

As for Temporis server/s, they're not around all time of year, only sometime, but they're announced etc when they take place, which theme/s, and so on.
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