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Mysteries of the Forest

By mamidlo#7675 - SUBSCRIBER - November 06, 2022, 21:36:11
After Evil Forest changes we got some new achievements. One of them is called "Seek and Find" (Achievements/Quests/Evil Forest) and need to find "mysteries" in Evil Forest:
According to above-mentioned french site, there are seven "mysteries". There are some tricks to obtain "mystery items" like certain stats or certain maps or so. I have made all quests in Evil Forest during 2-3 weeks on 4 chars and only ONE, last mystery left. I need to drop "Damaged knife". According to mentioned dofuspourlenoobs, it have to be dropped from Hell Mina itself. Bur when checking Hell Mina's drops, there is no such an item. I have made a bunch of hell Mina dungeons, every week since new Evil Forest started. Trying different achievements, challenges, pp rate etc. Still NO Damaged Knife. Is there anyone on TaiKasha server (or any other) who dropped this knife already or finished this achievement in any other way? Regards, woodpeck.
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Same no knife drop. 
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All the items dropped for this quest do not show in the loot pool I think. I had been hunting for the stomach for ages using a 5k hp build and set with no luck after defeating 50 or so monster groups.
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I've read a lot about the matter on both official and unofficial forums and the consensus is that it's a rare drop with no conditions. Some dropped in just a couple of fights while there were people doing their 150th run with no success. I only did a couple of runs(3-5) and decided it's not worth it for just a single achievement point. The dungeon is not hard but it's cancerous to farm which makes it extremely boring pretty quickly. Also the lack of information is saddening. Really terrible game design in my opinion.<_
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Just BUMP to ask - anyone got this dagger? I am still unlucky... Or this dagger does not exist anymore?angry
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