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troubles with "Mind Your Spirits" quest

By mamidlo#7675 - SUBSCRIBER - November 25, 2022, 18:46:20
One of Pandala quest ("Mind Your Spirit") demands "making notes" about 21 hidden spirits. One of them (in fact, the last I have to find) is sacrificial spirit (18th case). According to I should go to 21,-33 map (Aerdala, waterfall known from many quests), then start fight and left it before it even start. After  that I should go back to the same map with no equipment (except dofuses) and find the spirit.
I tried remove even all dofuses/trophies. Even all kamases. Reset my stats to 0 (except additional). Died few times.
Nothing works. 
Dictionayokai is rested.
Any idea what should i do? What I am doing wrong?
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Are you turning into a ghost after you leave the fight? If you are, that's probably why you can't see the spirit.
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I managed to do it this way after repeatedly trying and being stuck for months (even sending a bug report and ticket to Support didnt help  rolleyes  ):
(so I didnt have to use a Recall potion) Saved my character at the Pandala Zaap

Make sure you have enough energy to not turn into a ghost when leaving the fight

Make sure you have the maximum amount of pods available, so leave everything in your haven bag chest for the time being, mount in the paddocks/pet or petsmount in the haven bag chest

Remove all gear, including Dofuses, trophies, idols and mount/pet and put in your haven bag chest for the time being - dont carry them with you, reset stats to 0 before you start the fight

Quit the fight during the preparation phase, dont hit ready and enter the fight then quit. Dont replenish your hp/energy.

Run back to [21,-33]  to speak to the spirit to get the ring, equip the ring only and check the time
go 1 map away from the spirit (leave all gear off your character except the ring you were given) - log out and only return/log in again 24 (or more) hours later, head back to [21,-33]  and speak to the spirit again.
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