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Destroying quest items

By Odjn#1964 - SUBSCRIBER - January 04, 2023, 19:10:31
why can't we destroy some quest items? I have an issue with control fragments for the mini quest that gets you the summon skill. I have completed the quest and at some point the stones that you get fragments from were clickable again so I got two more fragments that I forgot about. Now I am trying to get rid of them since I already completed the quest but I can't destroy them, yet I can't even collect the other 3 to complete the pentacle and get rid of them that way. They just sit in my inventory, wasting space and pods and there is no way to get rid of them.

I also have another item from a finished quest that for some reason didn't go away. At least this one doesn't waste pods but it's still cluttering my bag and I would like to destroy it. What is one supposed to do in situations like this? 
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Unfortunately everything in the Quest Items tab stays if it isnt consumed by a quest. They should really make completed quest items 0 pods if they have to stay in there.
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AFAIK, the Summons Skill quest is repeatable, unless that has changed recently. If it is, just repeat it with the other 3 pieces.

I didn’t realize that quest items had any weight. If so, that should change
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If you read the OP, they note that they cannot now collect the other pieces (they tried that). And yes, many quest items have pod weight. They shouldn't, IMO, but they do.
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