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Hello any old Rosal players still here

By KarinII#2703 - SUBSCRIBER - January 22, 2023, 18:13:28
I just returned after a big break. I wonder if there are any old Rosal players still around. I been in HK and Knights who say Ni back in the days. 

Greetings Karin-VI
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Hey welcome back! i wasn't in those guilds but was friends with both the leaders!  A  lot has changed since the rosal days thats for sure! 
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I havent really found any of my old friends yet. And feel lost in all the changes game still seems fun. 
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If you have any questions feel free to  ask, i normally play 1.29 now as i wasn't a big fan of some changes they made recently.  But id be more than happy to  answer questions, also for  guilds if you haven't found one yet i highly recommend New Leaf! super great folks!
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Welcome back! Nice to see another old Rosal player. Persona here ^^
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Old Solar player here (with a lot of Rosal friends).
Good old days... ^^
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Hello, welcome back. There are not so many active old Rosal players anymore, so I'm glad to see this thread. Chupacabre here smile
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I thought the username was familiar.. you can add me in game. biggrin
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Hello Karin, remember me (feca, we both have been breeders) from Heaven Knights, leads by Shelor? :-) 
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WTF persona is bk?!?! Nvm check for snark-hunter i m pretty sure he is still playing

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Missing rosal days for sure... Anyone from Hi Society still plays? El Khamists, Narzhul Nerubs... When i remember those days... Man i am about to cry now...
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