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Returning after 9-10 years. I was on Rosal, any friends still around?

By Xsilentone#2950 - SUBSCRIBER - March 31, 2023, 03:45:11
Hi, I am Laiah an Iop from Rosal. I stopped playing around 9-10 years ago. I was one of the second in command of The Elkamysts for awhile before I became inactive. I mainly only hanged out with my guildmates back in the day like Casino-Royale, Excitement, Dysenteric Cow, Ianthe, Jesternaut, Xatu, etc. I hope some of you are still around smile

I'm not sure what happened to this game and the old servers. I'm looking for my old friends and I hope to meet new people as well who are kind enough to teach me this game again!
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Hello, Chupacabre here. I don't know you, but I know very well mentioned players, Psycate also, if I can remember he was SiC of The Elkamysts too. However, Casino logs in from time to time, but others I didn't saw last few years...

Since new Dofus is not so challenging and interesting for me anymore, I'm playing on Dofus Retro Galgarion server nowadays.
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Oh that's amazing! Good to know casino is still around. What server is he or the other old Elkamysts members on? Thanks!
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Hello, anybody you've known from 10 years ago are most likely to be in Tal Kasha server if they are still playing. All non-French multi-account servers are now merged into this one big server. 

I remember Jesternaut quit  the game couple of years ago(5?) with an organized event where he gave away all his stuff and came back again after a while (like most of us), I don't know if he's still playing right now.

I saw Ianthe's recruitment messages for "Winland" couple of times in past months so I think she's still around. Maybe try joining her guild and see if you can get more info? Anyway, welcome back!
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Hey, its Legendary-caster from Rosal. I was also in The Elkamysts for a while.

Welcome back!
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'Tis I, the renowned Dysenteric Cow. 

Unfortunately, I don't really play anymore.  but Ianthe does.  If you still have me on Steam you can message me there, or on here;  I can hook you up or harass her for you.  Or if you just want a friendly hello smile

I should check out what has changed in this game myself since it's been just about as long for me!
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There is now one multi-accounting international server, Tal Kasha, and one mono-account international server, Draconiros.

Some of your old friends might still be on Tal Kasha, especially if they run multiple accounts. But many players have also moved over to Draconiros to run a single account. You can consider looking there too.
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Weirdly enough last night I ran into an old player who remembered me from my very first account on Rosal nearly 18 years ago, they also mentioned another player who I knew from back then too.

Its great to see old players coming back, especially for those from the "birth" of Dofus!
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Hey there Laiah, glad to see a fellow past player, and I also am returning back these days, and I also recognize CoolRay, heh,

Wishing you all the best! 

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Too funny. smile I played on Rosal too. I recall The Elkamysts (can totally see the banner colors in my head haha), and it's been since 2013? 

I'm Rhynera, a sacrier. I was in True Gods, which got guild name changed to Zero Light I think back in the day. I'm downloading Dofus atm bc I was curious to see if any of my old friends still played or what the state of it looks like. Didn't even realize that Rosal went away. :') Many good memories, though!!
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