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returning player, missing items / dofus

By Sterntaler#8603 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - September 30, 2023, 23:20:06
Hi, I played last around the time the servers go merged into a server named echo.

I am considering a return and was checking on my character and inventory/back. I feel like some items are missing, especially I had some dofus. 

I can see under achievements that Green Emerald has been completed, but I cant find the corresponding dofus.

I can also see that achievement called "But where are all the Dofus". I believe back then you would get a 60 or 80 crimson dofus from doing that quest line. Now that achievement shows only a title.

Apart from that I feel like an item named Star Custard is missing from my bank. Its kind of a low level item, but powerful for that level range since it gives 1 AP. My main is 199 so I dont really need it, but I am still wondering.

I am also confused about the pet situation. It seems to indicate that I have to level my pets somehow, but I am pretty sure I didnt run around with completely unskilled pets, back then. I recall this was done by feeding them daily. Or just buying a maxed out pet for that matter.

Finally, it seems like the servers go shuffled yet again, and now my char has a suffix on its name -[ECH], I assume this is due to name conflicts. I could use the rename potion do get rid of that. Right?

Would be nice, if someone could shed some light on the situation. Cheers.


Ok, I found the Emerald dofus in my mounts inventory, at least. Still confused about the other points, though.
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There has been a lot of changes since you left.

Echo is now merged (in October 2022) with Atcham, Crocabulia and Rubilax to make TalKasha

For the achievements, a lot of quest have been changed and some removed with the rewards changed to  achievements/ornaments.

For the pets, they were all completely overhauled in 2018.
Soul eater pets no longer exist and some were turned in to cosmetics.
The remaining pets had their stats nerfed and if you had eg: a lvl 100 Bow Meow, after the big change you got the cat back but at lvl 0 and any pets you owned that had any lvl/xp were credited back as xp croquettes (they should be in your inventory under the "key" icon) that you can now feed to whatever pet you want.
You can now feed pets resources to lvl them, but some items give better xp than others, there is a good guide on it over on the Dofus Wikia.

For the name thing Ankama gave information on it in their post [FAQ] DOFUS Server Merger posted 28th September 2022.
(I'd link it but the forums are playing up again and any type of formatting or linking greys out the "REPLY" button....... again)

A lot of resources have been made obsolete too, some you can click and you get back items, some you can trade with the NPC (Resource Steward) in Pandala at the Resource Market [21,-28] but be warned: they dont give a value ratio that is fair. For what used to be a rare resource you now get some right tat in exchange.
Some meats are were changed to "Primitive Meat" (Dragon Pig Roast, Crocabulia Steak etc) you can still use them for the stats gained but you cant sell them in the market.

Merchant mode has been removed completely. Now you can only sell through Trade channel, (among friends/family/guildies) or in the markets.
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