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Pirate's Life: Call of the Sea.

By -Travis-- - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - January 31, 2011, 21:09:00

The year is 1716. The war of the Spanish Succession has just ended and thousands of sailors and privateers have turned en-masse to piracy across the world. Some say this is the final boom of piracy, others say it's the end of the world, while even more argue that the world is changing.. but it all falls down to what you decide. Do you take up arms as a pirate or soldier? Do you seek peace or war? Are you able to comprehend the feeling bubbling inside you to burst into the world like an explosion? Can the world even handle what you have to offer?

It's all up to you.
As you may have guessed, this RP is a Real Life based RP centered around Pirates. It's realistic - no magic/fantasy - and is meant to be an incredibly in depth look of what being a pirate(or anyone from that era) was like, for the readers and the writers. The storyline is going to follow each individual character and their aspirations. Whether we ever cross paths or not doesn't even matter tbh, it's all about the journeys we're going to take, alone or together.

1.) You must be able to wow me with your posts.
2.) You must not be a bleeding heart. Not everyone was scorned by their parents as a kid, not everyone grew up in an unloving home, and not everyone has some terrible tragedy that forced them into their way of life.
3.) God Modding is allowed during non-combat character interactions. Thus you could hold a conversation with another posters character, in your own post. This must be in keepings with their personality, and if another poster has an issue with what you posted, you will be required to change it.
4.) I don't necessarily expect daily posts, but I do expect one /at least/ once every other day. If you cannot meet this requirement, or have knowledge of an upcoming change that would prevent this, do not post.
5.) Disobeying any rules or the character sheet will put a very dark mark on you in my eyes. You'll most likely not be allowed back into any of my RPs.
6.) Any spam/flaming/anything not related to the RP posted here, or in the IC will be reported.
7.) Disrespecting other posters is not allowed. If an RP calls for two characters to be mortal enemies that's fine, disrespect the character all you want, but leave it at that.
8.) If I say you may or may not do something you are expected to listen.
9.) I expect all characters in my roleplays to fully be involved in their surroundings. This means each post must describe it(without detailing every single square inch) enough that users are able to picture it in their mind. Your character must refer to their surroundings, either in speech, action, or thought. Everyone, always, thinks of what's going on around them, so I feel that's more then reasonable.
10.) Posting of any OOC in the IC thread will be reported. OOC of any kind must be posted here. This includes, but is not limited to, posting an IC, with (OOCsmile attached to it.


Character Sheet

Name: First and Last.




Appearance: >No Pictures<

Personality: Be very detailed.

Intelligence: Post on a scale of "may require assistance when using the bathroom" to "knows what you're going to say before you say it by reading your facial expression".

Languages: Post any languages your character speaks.


History: Be very clear on why they are where they are today.

Current Goal in Life: This is the single most important part of the character sheet. Your characters goal will dictate how the global storyline turns out.

Special Skills: Are you able to count cards in black jack? A bit of a magician? Maybe you can attack unarmed, or are a deadly shot. Post here. Special Skills must be reflected in your History.

Equipment: In keeping with the Era. Any gear that was not around back in 1716 is not allowed. I do not care if your character is a genius who developed the atomic bomb. You do not get to have made your own "special weapons" that don't fit with the time setting. This doesn't mean you can't be creative, but there will NOT be atomic pistols, there will NOT be machines, etc etc.

Optional: Anything you can think of that I may not have posted in the character sheet.


My Character Sheet

Name: Henry Morgan

Age: 21

Sex: Male

Nationality: Welsh

Appearance: A white 5'11" young man. He's lean for his height, but in no way is he not in his physical prime. He has grungy, mid-length black hair he keeps tied in a ponytail with a leather thong. His face is soft, without any harsh lines or broad features, giving him a very young look. He sports a thin, black goatee to try and hide it. His eyes are a dirty grey without much of a glimmer. He wears a variety of different clothing commonly sported by beggars or peasants. Usually a white/brown cotten shirt with the collar unlaced, and brown/black cotton trousers that fit just right. He wears heavy black boots with gleaming silver buckles that he leaves undone. Both ears sport large golden gypsy hoops.

Personality: He's always at ease. Nothing get's to him, and he laughs openly when people bother him. He has a lot to live up to because of his heritage, but it rarely shows when you see that his smile never quite reaches his eyes. He always defends his friends/comrades and has no issue with breaking a mans bones to get a job done. He doesn't like killing, and he avoids it when he can, but he never lets it get in his way. If he has to - he will.
~He detests the mistreatment of women and children.

Intelligence: Very brilliant when it comes to military strategy and sailing. He's able to read a bit, but not very well. Things like politics go right over his head, but he understands business very well.

Languages: Welsh, English, a small amount of French.

Occupation: Currently a freelance pirate without a crew or ship.

History: Henry is named after his grandfather, the great pirate Henry Morgan. He was born on a small, isolated island to a local barmaid and her lover, a sailor who's captain would make berth at the small port so he could restock on the islands bountiful fruit. He grew up with his mother, alone for the most part as he was one of the few children around. His father would drop by once or twice a year and he'd always bring back exotic toys for him, and money for his mother. When he was 6 he received news that shocked him totally. His mother was expecting another child.

Less then a year later, his baby brother was born and Henry was happier then he'd ever been. While his father sailed the world he stayed home to help his mom in rearing his little brother. His mom taught his brother how to work the fields, and Henry taught him how to stick up for himself in a fight. His life was one of simple, ignorant bliss until his 12th year. His father's crew had sailed into town, but their ship was heavily damaged.

As it turned out, George I of Great Britain had ordered his Royal Navy to attack any suspicious ships on site, and they'd assumed his fathers vessel was a pirate ship since they flew Welsh flags. His father had been lost at sea during the attack, leaving behind his lover and two children.

Henry was torn up about his father. His brother was still young and hardly remembered him, but they both stood on the dark shore staring at the sinking vessel they'd always longed to see, and they both cried as the wind whipped up sea foam onto the rock face.

Over the next 3 years Henry spent all of his time studying books his Grandfather had left his mother. Books on sailing, military strategy, pirating, business, extensive books on eastern fight styles and first aid. Henry managed to master most of the rudimentary skills he felt he'd need to survive. 3 days after he'd turned 15 he hugged his mother and his now 9 year old brother goodbye and he boarded the first vessel that was setting out that day.

At first he was signed on as a cabin boy. He would clean the ship, the equipment, the two pistols the ship had for defense, and all of the dishes the crew used each night at dinner. He stayed on with the ship for nearly two years learning all about sailing and the world that he possibly could from the crew. Once, he was even asked to come with the captain to help negotiate terms to allow the ship to dock at a closed port. As it turned out, negotiate meant that he'd stand at his captains side and try to stare down the mayor and his guard who came to deny them.

Eventually, he felt he'd learned all he could from the trading vessel. He thanked the captain and the crew who'd become like a second family, and he simply left, never to turn back. He asked around about any new pirates in the area but he was always turned away. He spent nearly a year in the small port town of Malmo, in Sweden. One day a stroke of luck came upon him. A nearly destroyed vessel came sailing into town, and a pirate crew came spilling out. Henry was instantly sure of what to do.

He got a job working as one of the repairmen for the ship. He got to know the crew and managed to talk his way onto the ship. He spent the next 3 years sailing with them, learning the trade of piracy, and working his way around the world. Eventually they all parted ways when the captain died. Henry set out into the town of Plymouth where he's attempting to build his own pirate crew.

Current Goal in Life: To rebel against any and all governments. To right injustices as he sees fit. To build a pirate crew in the name of his father and grandfather.

Special Skills: He's pretty skilled in unarmed fighting - not an expert, but he can hold his own -. He's very good at talking his way out of, or into anything.

Equipment: 2 tri-barreled flintlock pistols - requires 17 seconds to reload each. A simple pirate cutlass fashioned from steel, and a dagger concealed along his waist.

Optional: Links - Click here
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Feel free to base yourself anywhere in the world.

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