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World of Zombies

By CoolRay - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - July 02, 2010, 04:03:01

World of Zombies!

this is a RP where you create a character and see how long you can live with your friends untill you finally are brought down by the zombies!

NO Player controlling (includes talking)
You must ask my permission in a pm if you want to get a special item to fight with (swords, guns, etc)
if your dead you can rejoin but not with the same character
the RP will start when we have 3 people after that send me a pm to join and ill put you in somewhere

Zombie Types:

Regular Zombie:
slow and weak most common and easiest to fight

Mutated Zombie:
fast but still weak not very common

only one slow and huge immpossible to kill always run from it


Name: ---
Age: ---
Info: ---

My character: (introduce your character before the game starts or in the pm)
Name: Luke
Age: 14
Other: resourseful
Info: not very talkative

bring on your characters

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Score : 17046

Name: Amy
Age: 13
Other: Energetically Reactive!
Info: Cute and Shy

NaturalCherry's character 1 more to start the RP

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Score : 970

Name: Danny
Other: Awesome reflexes also really fast
Info:Shy but not afraid of most things(It takes a real zombie to scare him).

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Score : 1946

Name: Sarah
Age: 17
Other: Pretty handy with a Katana.
Info: Assertive and loathes being corrected.
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Score : 3959

Name bob
age 12
other always hungry
info eat anything that is put infront of him

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Score : 399
Name bob
age 12
other always hungry
info eat anything that is put infront of him

Even zombies? o.O
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Score : 4083

Name: BeeBee
Age: 17
Traits: Demanding/Oppressive
Deatils: Innate soul link to any animals around him, even mutated or dead. Can tame them indefinitely until they die due to old age, extensive bodily harm, or the death of the master (me). Always carries around medical kits when needed and travels with his loyal pet Donovan.

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Score : 5261

This is 2 years old... i highly doubt this is still going on, considering i haven't even seen a thread of this

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Score : 4083

it doesn't hurt to take part whether its dead or not

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