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Simple Games and Off-Topic Roleplay Rules

By #[Izmar] - ADMIN - July 02, 2010, 10:47:57
Although this forum is for games and non-Dofus roleplay, our normal forum rules still apply, and the search function still works too! (Protip: That means please don't create duplicate threads)

Additionally, in order to keep this forum free of drama (and appropriate for a game rated 12+), the following subjects are not allowed under any circumstance:

  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Sex/Sexuality/Relationships

Depictions of sexuality or extreme violence are not permitted for any roleplay or game topic. No exceptions.

Posting here will not increase your post count or allow you to gain new forum ranks, keep that in mind before you post and do not spam. Those who abuse the Off-Topic area can and will be removed from it.

This forum section is in its experimental phases. Treat it nicely and hopefully it'll be around for a long time. Abuse the rules and it'll go back to a scattered array of electrons and protons!