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Boomerang Daggers Damage

By Rin-Mascarenhas June 16, 2011, 17:05:57

The Changelog says the damage has changed, but I honestly don't know if it did...or by how much, can someone tell me the difference of damage?

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I didn't notice the damage change either. That spell needs a major change, damage is too low for AP cost SO HIGH!!!! What were they thinking. I mean if its balanced or meant to work in some super way i haven't noticed and would like to know.

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it's not LoS and it's the only liner agi spell, wich makes it pretty useful, besides if you dont like the ap cast you can use class ring that gives it -1 ap cast

for me i think the spell is pretty balanced at the moment, what i really would like ankama to change is the minimum range incase you're fighting another

agi player other than that, its pretty useful spell, however i am not sure if the damage have been changed since i made my rogue after the latest buff

update for rogues.


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