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Fire Water and Air Rogue?

By -Zakmuul- June 25, 2011, 18:24:43

Is an Fire/Water/Air Rogue viable for a decent PvM character.

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I am currently going for Intel but still levelled the bombs of the other elements for their secondary effects. A multi-element Rogue is a viable option (in my opinion) only later on. The Celestial Bearbarian Set appears to have been created especially for Rogues. smile

If you look at the damage potential of air and water bombs, you can see that they mainly benefit from +dmg in the set due to their low base damage. That also means that you can at least use all bombs quite efficiently by going for a set with as much +dmg as possible.

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Going off of what Blimy said, +%Damage gear would also be beneficial. If you're buying gear and you see that it should have +%Damage on it, check to make sure it's alright and enough for use.
You might look into scrolling and spell point scrolling.

As of right now my rogue is only mainly Int/Agi for damage and dodging.

Ougaa will definitely prove to be useful for my Rogue in the future years.

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Would be pretty good build to be omni rogue

Infact thats what I'm going for at 199

As Blimy said The Celestial Bearbarian Set would be pretty perfect

You can use The Celestial Bearbarian Set maged to give less Dodge with Bearbaric Set maged to give less Lock

Would be perfect to wear Celestial Bearbarian with Bearbaric

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