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Can someone explain something to me ?

By Apozen July 26, 2011, 21:55:07
  • Summons Explobomb
  • 11 to 12 Fire Damage
  • 11 to 12 Fire damage
  • Increases Damage by 90% (2 turns)
Firstly why is "11 to 12 Fire Damage" put twice ? That suggests it does two damage rolls when in fact only one roll between 11 and 12 is done.

And increased Damage by 90% ?
That confuses me even more. I use the spell, detonate it and it still does 11-12 damage.
Or is that 90% increase in damage occur after 2 turns ? (As now after every turn a bomb gets increased bonus damage)
Or is that the bonus when two same bombs are next to each other?

Also, what is the advantage of using kickback over leveling this spell ?
I can see an advantage in kicking allies or enemies if they get too close.
But say if I used kickback on a level 1 Explobomb it still roughly has the same damage output as a level 5 explobomb (If kickback was level 5)

Or should I level both ?

I've only just started a Rogue, as you can see D;

I try and experiment but mobs are always one hitting my bombs / go around my traps.
I'd also like to see everyone else's strategy / preference with their experience as if I pass 30 it will take a long while to reset. And by 30 I may not have a big idea on how useful some early spells are to me late-game.

I'm also aware of the range of the spells so I am of course leveling Detonator spell in conjunction. So should I level Detonator to the same range as those spells or have the Detonator range further ?
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It is very bad explained and formulated, but I will explain what the formulas mean.

  • Summons Explobomb ( When the spell Explobomb is cast, an explobomb will be summoned)
  • 11 to 12 Fire Damage (Damage done if it is to be triggered with the spell Detonation)
  • 11 to 12 Fire damage (Damage done if a npc or player crosses two bombs aligned to each other with the maximum of 6 squares between both of the bombs or with a minimum of 2 squares)
  • Increases Damage by 90% (2 turns) (The boost you will get if you are in the state "Kaboom state" created by the spell Kaboom, at the same time being next to a bomb when an explosion occurs)
I have not leveled kickback, as it is an uncontrolled pushback spell, which has the possibility to crush your bomb if you don't use it in the right moment or will go to the wrong position.

I have only leveled Detonation to level 3, until I can make it level 6 of course.

Easy Tactic: against easy monsters, try to lock them in a wall that you've made with your bombs and summon an extra Explobomb next to them, the bomb will take a hit and the enemy will take extra damage, repeat the process until the monster is dead.
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