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What would be best?

By Kaleido July 28, 2011, 06:41:25

I have a rogue i just started recently, its lvl 23 now and Im not really sure where to turn.
As all of you know, the eniripsa at the tavern resets stats, and ive been doing it like a maniac trying to figure out what element would be best for rogue.
I am simply at loss at what type of rogue to make, and Im planning to take mines far.

Ressource and set wise, Im F2P, but its not uncommon to find me with my weekly P2P due to the fact that i vanish from dofus without me really expecting it, so weekly subscription is best.
My point is, while its common for me to be F2P, I have no problem being P2P when needed, so both F2P and P2P advice are welcome.

Also, I dont need to know what to exp on, dont worry I can do that by myself.
I just want your opinion on what elements best, with what spells to max and what set i should get early on (I already have sets planned out for every element at HL)..

I really love this class, thanks to everybody who helps!

EDIT: Little detail I missed, I do plan on taking my rogue onto PvP.

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PvP wise agility is the build most set up to use in pvp. The way Carbine works makes it a GREAT spell for long range in pvp, that with bombs+ dirty trick you can run from classes like sacs that you'd rather not get up close and personal with, or chase down cra's which, you definatly do. also at higher lvls a wisdom chance/agi hybrid would be nice as well, as ap/mp from bombs would be extremely nice, and carbine would still prove usefull for classes that wont stand still for bomb combo's.

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