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By Takhizis August 26, 2011, 18:02:37

Hello! I'm kind of re-new one for Dofus (played Osa ~4 years ago), and for some reason I returned. Choosed a Rogue. Wished to pick up a good build at forum but found out not much. Its a 3 paths: Int, Agi, Mix.
According to rumors I've decided to stop on Agi. Seems it has a good range and flexible tactics.
Do some one know a good base build for Agi Rogue? Even its a rough one...Skill tree on lvls is a best.
Am I right: I should raise Agi and Wis to 101 (why 101 anyway?) and later rest on Agi?Which skills are most important? Grenado, Boomerag, Carbine? Something else?

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There have been quite a few changes since you last played, but you should be able to get back up to speed on them quickly. In terms of the builds, there are:

  • Intelligence: higher base damage, has good range with Pulsar (but that removes MP from the Rogue), Extraction (steal) isn't very good.
  • Agility: medium base damage, has excellent range with Carbine and Boomerang Daggers (however they have strange range), Grenado subtracts MP.
  • Chance: medium base damage, has bad range, good damage with Deception and Blunderbuss' ability to give +25% permanent damage will be helpful after L. 100, Water Bomb subtracts AP.
I've played a Rogue to L. 70, so I don't have the greatest knowledge, but I'd like to think I know enough to give you some guidance.

You will want to raise Agility as your only characteristic. In terms of the 101, it refers to characteristic scrolls, which you can use to raise characteristics to 101. Wisdom is often done first as helps in leveling and your ability to remove AP/MP and resist AP/MP removal. I would suggest only scrolling Wisdom at this point, rather than using points in it.

In terms of spells, here is what I did and suggest you do (in order):
  • Level Grenado to L. 5
  • Level Boomerang Daggers to L. 5
  • Level Detonator to L. 5
  • Level Carbine to L. 5
  • Level Boombot (Rogue's special spell) to L. 5
  • Level Powder to L. 5
  • Level Kaboom to L. 5

You should know what to do from L. 100 onwards.
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Korenov-, Thank You very much. I really appreciated Your comment! It's really useful and from now on I can develop something on my own according to Your experience.
I guess even if I subscribe right now, I can't use Characteristic Scroll System correctly. Imagine, how much I should grind all that tons of loot to get WIS (even forgetting about AGI) to 101. =-\
Does It mean I have to forget about WIS at all if I can't use Scrolls, concentrating on AGI?
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Sup, guys ^^
I'm a level 95 Agillity Rogue. I went pure, when I got Carbine.
Now I got a base Agillity of 240. I'm pretty happy with it, because it has some nice range and does pretty nice damage to up to 5 enemies smile
You should level these Spells:

  • Grenado to 5
  • Boomerang Daggers to 5 (Still nice in PvP, because of no LoS)
  • Detonator to 5
  • Roguery to 5 (Nice for escaping CC)
  • Save points, then Carbine to 5 (Your main spell)
  • Dirty Trick to 5 (So you can place bomb, change positions and detonate)
  • Kickback to 5
  • Magnet to 5
  • I suggest to get Dagger Skill and level it to 5 too
  • Now you should choose the spells that fit your gameplay.
  • 1-31: Use a Young Adventurer Set, fill with parts of Tofu set.
  • 32-41: Get a Toady and Carnivarous Staff. A Mad Tofu Cloak would be nice too.
  • 42-61: Get a Ring Dikuloos, Gelano, Aerdala Geta.
  • 62-71: Get an Aerdala amulet and Aerdala belt.
  • 72+ You should use the Gear, that is being used by Agility Cra's.
Mount or Pet:
  • To have an Air Bwak is always nice.
  • Use Emerlad/Ebony Dragoturkey.
For example, my gear gives me:

+222 Vitallity
+13 Wisdom
-100 Strength
-100 Intelligence
-100 Chance
+507 Agility

+2 AP
+3 MP

+272 Initiative
Some resists...

In total I have:

+747 HP
+38 Wisdom
-100 Strength
-100 intelligence
-90 Chance
+747 Agility

1019 Initiative

I'm very happy with PvM. Remember that this is an PvE build. For PvP you should get some Air maged Blessdaggs, or Black Rat Daggers. Maybe something that steal Air Damage.
Have fun playing smile

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ThunderExternal, wow serious answer! And very understandable even for me. Thanks!I have a little question do You have some... emm... "troubles" with lvluping? Because as I can see you didnt have a lot of WIS (also I heard WIS somehow effect on Grenado)?
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My Rogue is Intel, though on Goult Tourney server, I played an Agi Rogue. For group PvP, Agi is definitely the better choice. In regards, to PvM, I prefer Intel because of the higher damage. Having said that, most of your bomb damage won't come from your stats but from combo buffs that your bombs can gain from your spells or just from being out there for a few turns.

No matter which build you choose, you will always end up levelling just about all bombs to lvl 6 eventually. As Agi or Chance build, you may get away without levelling the fire bomb. However, lvl gains you range and even as a LoS blocker, bombs are useful. For an Intel biuld like mine, air and water bomb lvl 6 are a must because of the secondary effects (take 2 AP/MP instead of 1).

Agi build has the advantage that you can walk around just about anything in order to hurt it.

A note to Detonator. You can level it at lvl 4 for most of the time unless you find yourself always too far away to detonate your bombs. I haven't levelled it beyond 4 despite all bombs being at lvl 6. The points are (for me) better used for other spells.

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Hi, I am rogue level 185 agi

I will give you the guide that I've used but, I suggest you to raise your spells by your own just cheak out the spells and raise whatever you feel useful for

your style of playing however, this is how i raised my spells :

Boombot Lvl.6

Detonator Lvl.6

Kickback Lvl.6

Roguery Lvl.6

Grenado Lvl.6

Magnet Lvl.6

Boomrang Daggers Lvl.6

Dirty Trick Lvl.6

Powder Lvl.6

Carbine Lvl.6

Last Breath Lvl.6

hope that i helped


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Thanks all for replies! Now I subscribed and ready for domination... gobbals at least.

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Any leveling tips for 40-100ish? Solo. Wabbits are a bit cowardly.

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Single Kaniger mobs with stars are pretty good. My rogue gets between 60k and 120k experience per fight depending on the stars.

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