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AGI Rogue sets

By bigpimpin September 01, 2011, 02:41:43

What are sets trough the levels?

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Would you like a set for each level or is it ok to give you one every 100 levels?

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I would like something like 1-10, 11-20, etc. But if a set were to last levels 1-20 say that thanks smile 

Also if they are very expensive would it be cheaper to do chance (Set wise)

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For levelling
- adv set (1-38)
- Prespic (38-100ish)

For harder fights
- gobball set (1-44?)
- kwak set (4x-100ish)
- scara set (4x-100ish)

I think these should work well as basis for you. Even though you are an Agi Rogue, a gobball Set will be very useful in the early stages when you are doing harder fights simply for its HP and AP bonus. I personally don't use Gob Set for much other than running class dopple temples on low level alts for scrolls.

Adventure Set is your best bet for a very long time simply because it has a fantastic bonus.

Depending on how much money you managed to save up, or where you used to level, in the 4x levels, you can either go for a Scara set mix or a Kwak set. Kwak set has two advantages, very nice stats for full set and AP bonus. It is, however, an expensive set. So farming most mats will be a good idea. Scara set is a lot cheaper and easier to acquire because you can actually drop all items. It's advantage is in very good stats for only four items and flexibility in additional items.

Either of these sets can take you a very long way. There are new sets in that gap now but it all depends on how much money or time you want to spend. I am not in support of paying a lot of money for sets that you may only wear for a month or two. So get something that is reasonably easy to acquire and use it until you get to the next level.

Beyond 100, you can either go for Dragon Pig set or Black/White Rat set. Given Rogues have a sword bonus, White Rat might work well because it has an AP bonus and if you add a Gelano, you'll have 10 AP for plenty of spells or two sword hits.

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I'd like to offer my own advice against Blimy's. I'd like to think I can give some insight because I play an Agility Rogue myself.

L. 1 - 38 you should just stay in your Adventurer set, it's beautiful and provides enough bonuses for your level range.

L. 38 - 50 you should use Prespic set, filled with an Adelus, Amulet of Luck, Silimelle Wedding Rings and some +Wisdom boots.

Those are leveling sets, however, if you want something for some damage and survival, go for this:

Mad Tofu Cloak, Toady, Carnivorous Staff, Ring Dikuloos, Silimelle Wedding Ring, Amulet Of Luck and a belt and boots of your choosing, something that provides either Wisdom or Agility.

Now, that set is fairly expensive to get together, but you can use that pretty much till L. 100 if you swap in a Gelano, Aerdala Geta, Aerdala Amulet, Aerdala Wedding Ring, Aerdala Belt and Aerdala Daggers.

If you go that route you'll have 8AP for two Carbines, 5MP, around 500+ Agility and about 60ish Wisdom.

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Bandit Set can be good for 15-25 range and you can mix it with other gear, plus damage is good for boomerang daggers.
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