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Mobs Aim for Bombs?

By September 06, 2011, 16:21:25

So for some reason whenever I place a bomb the mob aims for it, to the extent that it will ignore me to kill the bomb. What the hell? I just started and I've read some about how to place the bombs but I can't seem to get it set up well enough that the mobs just ignore my bombs. Am I missing something here?

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They are meant to be distractions. If their HP is too low to withstand an attack, place them so the mob will get close but not quite there. Monsters attack bombs often (not always) because charged bombs (combo bonus) can be quite devastating to their health.

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Yeah until you get the +vit gear for your bombs to survive the kicking they recieve either:

-Plan ahead with the placing, counting the monsters squares etc. So they never reach your bomb before it goes off (Will not really work against ranged mobs)

-Hide it around a corner or behind yourself for a last minuite kick/dirty trick.

-Use yourself as a temptation, keeping your leftover 3-4ap for a direct attack. Meaning if the monster hits your bombs, he is not targetting you and you can just safely wail on him. Or if the monster moves in on you next turn you can finish setting up your combo.

Funny thing tactics and strategy =)


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