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Leveling Build

By Hasai - SUBSCRIBER - October 25, 2011, 23:58:00

Making a rogue and I need to know. Obviously at epic levels agi/int/cha is best since you can utilize all the bombs, but whats the best to level with? I was thinking agi, but maybe it is easier to level as multi, and for multi should i be pumping all vit or each stat evenly or what? I know theres a million threads out there, but honestly this is thread asking all the questions at once. Another thing is, is pvp leveling a possibility and if so, as what build? I just need some guidance, though im leaning towards agi til i get higher. Also what skills to level in order of importance would be very helpful.

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range is important at pvp and hence I suggest agi built. Indeed the other elements have more damaging spells. Awh, hard to say.

Probably vitality, make your bombs last longer. Bombs will be your key to real dmg. Let the close combatars chase your range built and when they get close to your pre planted bombs, you blow them up.

I say hybrid agi/vit

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