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Kickback and Magnet

By Funky-Guy - SUBSCRIBER - November 02, 2011, 20:37:17

Hello. Just reached lvl 100 with my chance rogue. I think it is time to share my opinion with you about some spells.

First: I don't know what for is the Remission spell for. I don't get an idea of the spell. Maybe if it would work like sacrier's evasion it would have more sense.

Magnet and Kickback: Some people wrote that kickback and magnet should attrack and pushback enemies the same way as bombs - that change isn't really good, but still spell needs a change: I think Magnet and Kickback should push and attract bombs to the selected place. Level 6 of kickback pushes bomb 6 cells, can't choose the place where you want it - in my opinion tactical class like Rogue just needs that change.

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Agreed. This has been suggested from when Rogues were released. The trouble is if you lay a bomb and 3 turns later you're trying to get 3 bombs set up around 1 target the chances of them being exactly 6 cells away from your bomb are just as unlikely as them standing right next to them. The limit of one cast per bomb, though fair in regard to kickback buff, also limits options further for moving. Personally I think these spells should be 1ap each or have a adjustable placement.

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