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Bows on Rogues, viable?

By 5hifty November 04, 2011, 20:18:33

So when I rolled my Agi-Rogue I noticed Bows are a secondary weapon, and I took Bowcarving. Now the pains of leveling that prof, and the meager rewards I will reap from the handful of agi/air bows which actually exist, have caused me to rethink this decision. It seems like daggers would be a much more worthwhile investment.

I was wondering if some higher-level/more-experienced rogues would mind giving their opinion on bows & rogues. Is it worth the trouble to use them, will I ever even find myself using them as a high-range agi rogue? Thanks in advance for any replies.


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Bows on agility-based Rogues may seem redundant at first, but there are a few things to consider:

  1. All of the Rogue's agility spells have an Area of Effect (multiple cells).
  2. AoE attacks deal less damage than single-target attacks.
  3. Unlike Rogue's agility spells, Bows do not put your allies at risk of being hit in AoE.
  4. Bows likely represent the strongest attacks you'll have while avoiding an enemy's close combat (hitting and 'hiding' behind a bomb, for example).

Therefore, they are valuable if you want to maintain some distance during combat. That, however, depends on your preference.
I prefer playing mid-range, because:

  1. Rogues aren't known for their tanking skills.
  2. Long-range combat excludes effective use of bomb combos (and what fun is that?).
  3. The agility spells often put close-range-fighting allies at risk.
  4. Relying on Boomerang Daggers to hit two (or more) enemies at the same time often means using Magnet to line them up, and...
  5. You're most often restricted to a single Boomerang Daggers (5 AP) per turn when you use Magnet (2 AP) to manipulate the map.

So while I play a chance/agility Rogue at mid-range, Archaic Bow works for me. It deals roughly 450-550 damage, and 650-800 damage on a critical hit.

I also have Dagger Skill maxed and a pair of Aggravating Daggers in my weapon collection, but abandoning the mid-range playing style for the sake of spamming unreliable Dagger damage hasn't been so appealing to me.

The turn-ending effects of Roguery and Boombot leave the Rogue vulnerable to high damage if you're chasing down an enemy to stab them. Likewise, the bomb + Dirty Trick combination requires 6 AP if there are no previously-placed bombs in the direction you want to go. For these reasons, I view the Rogue's teleport-type spells as defensive tools, rather than offensive, and I find that Bows help balance a defensive playing style quite nicely.

When I do use close-range weapons, I've found that the weapons with AoE (like Staves and Hammers) are quite helpful. The damage is usually lower than a single-target weapon, but your weapon AoE allows you to detonate Powder-affected bombs while hitting your enemies. (However, it is highly recommended to use Kaboom before doing so.)
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Thanks for the very thorough reply laugh

I like many of your points. I guess it comes down to preference, I can see the value of the bow, but that leaves me with few short range options against a maneuverable opponent who can stay close to me. But I'm probably looking at this from my current perspective and the view later at higher levels must change. From a lvling/crafting point of view, the bows are much harder to make because of flax requirement (at least for me).

All that to say I will take you advice and stick with it, thanks again.


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I would go for bow if I had the money and knowledge to make a crit built. But for now I'll rely on my sword.

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