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Water Rogue compared to air Ecaflip

By AdamsorBlack - SUBSCRIBER - December 06, 2011, 10:38:42

Ecaflip get new spell that replaced reflex but it's unfair if we compare it to rogue blunderbuss spell (now i think that blunderbuss upgrade is just a joke!).
Ecaflip new spell advantages:
- 4 ap cost instead 5 for rogue
- better damage than rogue spell
- larger area of effect
- better pernament damage debuff
That spell is very similiar to blunderbuss but much better. I belive that it's because ecaflip have less air based spells, but ecaflip have nice mobility(1ap movement spell + agility bonus) while rogue not. Of course rogue can swap with bombs but this is costly and have 3 rounds cooldown at 6th lv. This is ok?? On this question everyone in Ankama should answer.

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Ecaflips have low agility soft caps. Reflex doesn't have any bigger area of effect, Blunderbuss covers one more square than Reflex. The permanent debuff is ok for a Rogue spell ( I still think it's overpowered, but if we take a look at other class spells it's not), if you activate a combo with an enemy that has 50% PD from blunderbuss, at higher levels if it's not instantaneous death the HP of it will drop almost by half x] 

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I agree with Niddhoggy.

Also we got other useful spells that would make us probably win vs agi ecas like Boombot, Dirty Trick, Roguery and Overload for unbewitching their

permanent damage debuff.

I know what you're going to say..Overload would take few turns..well, that's why we're the most tactical class in the game..a good rogue should predect

it and place a bomb with Overload before the eca hits you with reflex.


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