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explobomb worth lvl-ing at low lvls?

By bobo-me - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - December 07, 2011, 19:52:42

i'vs seen alot of threads that state that bombs in general are not worth lvling until higher lvls because they do low dmg and should lvl kickback instead...for int build(more base dmg) what should i do?

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Actually I think bombs are the first spell to level for a Rogue, especially fire. I myself am starting a Rogue (air element though) and I find Bombs more useful than any other low-level spell in a fight. I mean, walls are really good even for low levels, and having a 1-1 range on the bomb is just awful.
But then, leveling Kick instead of the bomb is a gameplay choice: if you rather play as a kick-and-boom Rogue since the very first levels (no major tactics with bombs, just put, kick and detonate) than playing a think-and-place Rogue just level kick before bomb (though I noticed that the damage doesn't really increase with kick with only one bomb...).

My advice though is to level the bomb first: fire rogues have the best-damaging bomb, man!

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Just using adv set I could solo a lot huge mobs (depending on the map) killing around 3 or 4 monsters at the same time, extraction is not really needed for me, since I can throw bombs at the enemies as an attack too!

And low damage? lol I kill full HP gobball war chiefs (two or three) in just one combo, it gets even better if you have a friend to tank, since you can work in better combos X)

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